Marveling at giant beds and brushing your feet against the velvety carpet as you walk down the stairs and dining in royalty is where the idea of luxurious homes comes into frame. Compromising on the comfort and style is not wise. Luxury homes are a way of living at ease away from the cacophony of the city glare, in a cozy corner of the world, embracing fortune.

Amidst the royalty of Spain, we narrowed down to this marvelous property which will suit your pride and eyes. In Costa Brava, in Girona region lays the elegant edifice. The place is an ode to medieval might and a beautiful city for extravagant vacation. The property is spread upon 10,000 m2 plot of land. Exotic, lavish with splendid panoramic views your stay here will be fantastic.

A magnificent jacuzzi, pool, pergola, 4 garages, 6 bedrooms in total with breathtaking and exceptional terrace, also with en-suite bathrooms and well-equipped kitchen, it is well conditioned and worth consideration. Apart from this the location of the property allows much of light to enter the home. It has two floors and the ground floor has equally spacious dining/living room with a cool mantlepiece.

This place lies in the lap of nature to provide you with an extraordinary experience and stay. Without any second thought book the place as you won’t regret it. Also, there will be bearers to take your orders and simplify your work. The prices may differ as per the season. Happy staying!

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