Making Tea a Luxury Experience – 1837 TWG Tea

It seems impossible for a company to be so proclaimed and successful in merely nine years of existence in the luxury market, TWG was founded in 2008. The company initially carried Spa and skin care products until they had a huge break from The Wellness Groups’ tea business. It was then the company had decided to suspend all its businesses to concentrate on this one. The name of the “1837” comes with an indication of the year of free tea trading in Singapore. Although the company is less than a decade old, it has it’s stores and tea salons all over the world from Tokyo to New York.
TWG tea originated from a continent where tea has been an integral part of the people’s daily life and making such a product of desirable luxury in the bespoke market that is not accustomed to perceiving tea as a bespoke commodity must have been a challenging one for TWG. The brand went from Singapore to around the globe becoming a luxury product and having outlets in around 19 countries. All the tea stores and salons are aesthetically organized & designed.
In other words, the luxurious and lavish in-store experience is indeed a delight for the tea lovers, the ambiance makes the tea experience a delight for a tea lover with the extravagant decor and craftily polished glass panels stacked with an organized selection of tea and other tea accessories to choose from. It is rightly said that the premises contribute a lot to the finest culture of TWG Tea and salon. The in-store experience is complemented by the unique and wide variety of teas offered, a true heaven for someone who enjoys indulging in every sip.  They have over 800 tea blends to choose from with new innovative and exciting flavors for every festive season; these teas are not just blends, but rather an experience as each tea blend takes you to an experience.
If you happen on visiting tea salon on a romantic evening, you ought to try the Amour De Thé that takes you back with its romantic sensuous aroma and reminds you of rose-scented candles and rose petals.
If you are mad about tea and chocolates, then this place has the right combination for you with its Chocolate Tea.  The Chocolate Tea is a fascinating blend of black tea, pieces of dark chocolate and cocoa. It’s deep, dark and rich-flavoured. Oh, how delightful isn’t it?
These extensive and extravagant collections of tea blends with a dizzying array offers you blends to choose from. The TWG tea salon is upscale and posh. All blends are available as orders at the tea salon, cold or hot as one may prefer along with high tea and a wide range of main course options to choose from. The food options at TWG are an amalgamation of TWG tea blends. The food items thus feature tea-infused salads, pastries, main courses as well as cocktails.
TWG’s cheesecake is one of the finest and mouth watering desserts you will ever try.
Besides, Hollandaise sauce emboldened with Earl Grey Gentlemen tea and chocolate fondant laced Vanilla Bourbon tea will be your next all time favorite, a pure delight!

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