Trattoria Della Posta

There’s nothing more romantic than Italian food. Indeed, it is a pure delight. And if you are someone who loves Italian food, wine and luxury then you must visit Trattoria della Posta, set in the hills of Monfort D’Alba, Italy.

Imagine sipping on one the best wines and Gianfranco Massolino’s authentic cuisine in a countryside house. Took you back to a French movie set? Experience this warm and cozy homelike ambiance at Trattoria della Posta which comes back from 1875 and has been managed by Massolino clan since then.

The food is a classic high-quality version of authentic luxury. Italian cuisine is known for its Langhe convention: Agnolotti del Plin, Tajarin, Stinco di Vitello al Barolo, carne cruda battuta al coltello among others. Alongside them, there are the season’s best recommendations, particularly mushrooms, truffles and some fish dishes. Along with these amazing recommendations, the freshly oven baked bread with olives and focaccia accompanied by spreads is overwhelming. The servings of mixed greens which are incorporated with a bed of lettuce topped with shaved fennel, carrots, red peppers and other herbs is immensely rich.

The “30-yolk” tajarin hurled with mountain butter and finished with great amount of shaved Alba white truffles. The “30-yolk” refers to the amount of egg yolks utilized per kilogram of flour. This pasta with inebriating smell of super crisp white Alba truffles is unquestionably one of the most enjoyed dishes.
Not to forget the Green Ravioli which is loaded with caprino (goat drain cheddar) and hurled in a sauce of Bra frankfurter and leeks. Bra frankfurter is an Italian hotdog produced using veal and pork gut. It’s not so matured and is normally eaten crude.

All things considered, Trattoria della Posta leaves one with craving for more. The gourmet is extremely exemplary Piemontese and classic they make an incredible impression with high-quality luxury dining execution of dishes with its warm and comfortable environment. The menu is sensibly valued with dishes extending an element of luxury, making one super temped to try all the gourmets.

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