On Friday 7th July 2017, the Indian Polo Team defeated Pakistan by 8-7 in a crucial Zone E Play-offs. After the win, the Indian team qualified for the World Polo Championship Sydney which will be held in October 2017.

The event which took place in Tehran, Iran has seen Team India perform extremely well. The Team which has been trained by Veteran Uday Kalaan comprises of Dhruvpal Godara, Lt Col. Ravi Rathore, Angad Kalan, Siddhant Sharma, Padmanabh Singh and Pranav Kapur.

After conquering Iran aka the hosts by 10-8 on Monday, the Indian Team thrashed South Africans by 6-5 claiming 2 straight victories before playing with Pakistan.

The goals scored by the experienced players of the Indian team, managed to make them win against Pakistan, taking them towards the World Championship in Australia in October. This was India’s third constant win, after beating Iran and South Africa on day 1 and semifinals, respectively.

It was an intense battle between India and Pakistan, where they both fought equally hard against each other. Till the last 30 seconds of the match, both the teams were at 7-7 when Dhruvpal Godara of the Indian team scored the winning goal.


Dhruvpal scored the maximum number of four goals, Siddhant sharma scored two goals while Padmanabh Singh and Anand Kalaan scored one goal each.

We are extremely proud of the Indian team and wish them success for their world championship journey in Sydney.

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