Stylistic heritage enriched with contemporary experimentation, the brand Salvatore Ferragamo is known to create a collection emphasizing on bold sartorial lines and feminine elegance. A versatile collection ranging from minimalist to classical designs is what the brand is known for.

Energetic, spontaneous, colorful and engaging is how one would describe the new “love affair” collection of Ferragamo’s autumn winter 2017-18. Drawing consumers towards their creative and elegant products, focusing on shoes and bags mostly,  their collection is looked up by many across the globe.

Swiss photographer, Walter Pfeiffer ,known for imprinting the world of photography since 1970s to today is the mastermind behind the campaign shoot, who has tried to captures the emotions of a person towards “love affair” giving the products a fresh and a dynamic look  celebrating the elegance and expertise that are hallmarks of the Ferragamo brand.

Pfeiffer by infusing products and objects with life in a continuous discourse of colour and perspective, playing with irony and dynamic motion has tried to create a bold narrative for ferragamo and its icon to come alive with a untried look.

Among the new collection Ferragamo’s storied a F-wedge piece – a rosé-colored ankle-strap pump in suede. The “flower heel” created in the Thirties for the first time is now becoming the key silhouette for shoes and bags, and is also emphasized in the photos, stabilising the Gancio metallic closure in sandals or the new Vara pump with frayed edges.

Marking a completely new generation of creative and photographic styling, communicating itself through different mediums of modern digital and traditional communication platforms, the new campaign stars supermodels like modern digital and traditional communication platforms.

The ferragamo  collection is now the talk of the town starting new conversation between the brand, its products and the perception of its customers, with the right amount of spectacle and engagement  between all.

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