Sporty to romantic, Ralph Lauren fragrances are more than just being beautiful scents, captured in picturesque  bottles – they reveal the real spirits, moods and moments.

Love and fragrance have been intrinsically linked with each other in different forms via spritz of Ralph Lauren Romance since long.The sensual Chypre-woody-floral fragrance ‘created for the woman who believes in true love, affection, warmth and togetherness’, evoking ‘the timeless essence of romance and the simple joys of life…’ is among the famous collections of Lauren .It has an airy, citrusy opening, giving the feel of  touching of yellow freesia. White violet, violet flower and night-blooming day lily lend a gracious air, while the base fuses patchouli, oakmoss and white ‘skin musk’, for that come-closer finale.

The latest 2017 collection of Ralph Lauren is all about pear, rhubarb and blackcurrant having middle tones like tuberose, orange blossom and turkish rose accompanied by the base tones of  sandalwood, hazelnut and woody notes.

One of the famous fragrances of this collection is from Tuberose which is a rare  night-blooming plant  native to Mexico called by different names in different regions, like In the Philippines, the plant is known as azucena,rajanigandha in India, and sedap malam in Indonesia, all of which mean “fragrant at night”, is mostly used in floral arrangements for occasions  like marriage or festivals.

Laurens venture into new fragrances gives people  a new fragrance in the air expanding itself onto new horizons.

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