Mercedes Benz has finally debuted the pickup truck it plans to bring to the market, a vehicle meant for luxury-meets-workhorse needs, which aims to appeal to a diverse group of consumers from construction contractors to weekend warriors.

The company is owned by Daimler, who revealed the truck at a splashy event in Cape Town, South Africa on Tuesday. The only demographic missing in its initial launch is Americans. The Mercedes X-Class, which was introduced as a concept last year, will be available in Germany by November 2017 and other European countries this year, followed by Australia and South Africa in the beginning of 2018. By early 2019, the truck will head to Argentina and Brazil.

Mercedes X-Class comes in three trim levels, or model variants, designed to suit different lifestyles. The X-Class Pure is more rugged, while X-Class Progressive has some extra styling and comfort functions. The X-Class Power combines the best performance and luxury appearance like a chrome bumper and premium interior materials.

The X-Class will be able to haul up to 1.1 metric tons in the bed of the truck (2,425 pounds), enough to transport 17 full 50-liter barrels of beer, according to the German automaker. The pickup of this car can tow up to 3.5 metric tons (7,716 pounds) or as the company suggests, a 26-foot yacht.

Consumers can choose from four different engine options, including a diesel, as well as rear-wheel and four-wheel drive. A high-torque V6 diesel engine will be released mid-2018, the company said.

As one might expect in a luxury-leaning pickup truck, the X-Class will have driver assistance safety systems such as lane-keep assist, traffic sign recognition and automatic emergency braking. The Pickup Truck is, after all a Mercedes product so owners will be able to tap into the company’s Internet connected car services called Mercedes Me. The feature allows drivers access to these particular trucks via smartphone and call up information like fuel level, tire pressure, or where the vehicle is located while parked or when being driven by someone else.

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