The uproar of environment conservation and responsibility towards sustainable development has been the talk of the Industrial town. With various automobile giants, taking an initiative to alter their technology towards more eco- friendly measures, Audi for sure could not sit back.
Seeing the ever evolving and dynamic development around, Audi has decided to launch two electric cars by the year 2020 globally. Their focus would be metropolitan cities for an affordable ride without compromising with comfort and environment.
This year Audi is celebrating its 10th year in India and this indeed is a celebrating time for them. Even though in India the company has had a roller coaster ride due to GST and other government policies but still it has sailed pretty well through this time.
Since India aims to become an all electric cars country by 2030, Now the question arises that will the brand Audi launch its electric series in India or not? The other biggies in the automobile industry are in full swing to launch their model of electric cars, but Audi is the first one to assure that they would provide these cars by the end of this decade.
It would be exciting to see the frequency of demand for electric cars by Audi in India and whether it would play an active role in turning India to all electric cars by 2030 or not.

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