The excitement level of people in Sydney is at its peak as the royal XI FIP World Polo Championship is about to begin in the next 40 days. The teams are prepared to exhibit an entertaining show for all their viewers and also to bag the title for the year. Apart from the tournament being the highlight of the event, the art exhibition is another cherry on top when it comes to adding excitement and recognizing talented participants.

The exhibition has the winning prize of $ 14000 that makes it a glittering attraction for all the people present there as to who would take this huge amount home. The exhibition will be organized by super artistic Selina Hitches who is a nationally recognized artist. The art exhibition would showcase the best work of aspiring Australian artists in an open gallery with huge sculptures and artifacts in various forms. Following it, there would also be an exhibition for the local students to flaunt their talent and win accolades for their creativity. The competition will be judged by famous Charles Bilich who will carefully observe the incorporation of the connection with polo as a sport and Australia in their work.

Lew Brennan, Ian Hansen, Grace Costa, Alan Somerville are some of the artists who will be exhibiting their work. The entries for the exhibition are open tillĀ 15th of September 2017.

The event is expected to be fantastic and full of entertainment and luxury. Apart from the entertaining championship tournament, the city has a lot of attractive places to visit and enjoy. It is the only experience where you can enjoy sports, art and various others events at the same place. For all those who need a luxurious break, this is a getaway that would give you adventure and luxury at the same time.

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