The Sunday afternoon was overwhelming for the Argentinian businessman Juan Pepa. It marked the 17th edition of the Paprec French Open. His team Cibao La Pampa was crowned with triple titles this year- The French open French Triple Crown and also the Gold and Silver Cup in Deauville. Even though as a quiet man usually he expressed his joy in the Argentinian style. His thankful gesture for La Boxaderia, who was crowned as the best horse in the final depicted his pride in the fantastic team and also the Patrick breed of horses.

Patrick Guerrand-Hermès is the founder of Domaine de Chantilly Polo Club and created this La Palmeraie breeding in Morocco where trained horses for Polo tournament are provided.

The club was filled with hundreds of spectators who enjoyed the game to the fullest. Three finals won by Maryland (Trophy of the Capitaines des Jeux, of half-goals), the Académie de Polo (Ladies’ French Open Engels & Völkers) and Jivaro (Castel Trophy) were witnessed during this international European season.

From the qualifying matches to the finals, indeed all the teams performed to the best of their ability. Even on the final day with all the nervousness and tension, the teams knew they had to focus on defense. In spite of the anxiety and the opening of the match the game turned out to be pretty competitive and also, respectful. The referees of the match handled the game intensity beautifully and requested the players to go for the golden goal which was acquired by Cibao La Pampa. The strokes of extraordinary player Rufino Bensadon, who is also 15 years old in this game, was awarded best player of the finale and received gifts offered by COMO. He scored 5 goals including a finale one where he took the ball from an opponent and he ran the field on a fast half turn from top to bottom and artistically hit between the poles of the opponents.

The score of the winning team Cibao La Pampa progress: 1/1 – 3/4 – 6/7 – 9/9 – 10/10 – 11/10

The individual scores of the winning teammates were: Juan Pepa (H2), Carlos Ulloa (H4, 5 goals), Pato Cieza (H4), Manu Elizalde (H6, 6 goals including 3 penalties)

In The Wings: Rufino Bensadon (H3, 4 goals), Juan Zubiaure (H5, 4 goals including 2 penalties), PanchoBensadon (H8, 2 goals including 1 penalty), Lavinia Fabre (H0).

Apart from this interesting game another set next week with the Championships and the Coupe de France is going to take place at the Domaine de Chantilly Polo Club.

Rufino Bensadon gave a drastic lead for his team in this French triple crown. Towards the end of the game Cibao La Pampa also faced a penalty during the end of the game but fortunately, Manu Elizalde covered up for it and eventually brought the victory home for the team this French triple crown.

Where Cibao La Pampa is enjoying the victorious win, the next upcoming tournaments are yet to unveil the winners at the Coupe de France.

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