Since London is one of the most popular cities across the world. They never fail to woo their tourists with their unique artistry, food, affluent hotels and places along with some grand collaborations those enhance the luxurious experience of people.

With Penhaligon collaborating with the Punch room to celebrate their new portrait collection. The tea concept was a great idea to introduce the elite collection which is inspired by the British aristocracy. This would enhance the existing flavors of drinks especially the iconic punch accompanied with other bites.

Penhaligon introduces Monsieur Beauregard and countess Doretha under their latest Portrait collection. The afternoon was filled with the majestic aroma of flavors and scents which paired with drinks. This tinkling experience to senses was indeed a classy showcase of a mesmerizing ambiance and aura.

Penhaligon is one of the oldest and richest perfume manufacturing associations established since 1870. Known to launch perfumes with royal monarch emblems they have been the rulers with magnificent scents across the world.

This luxury British perfume house timely offers a wide range of perfumes those include traditional fragrances along with vintage and varied new collection to match with the evolving personality of people.

With each perfume carrying a unique story behind its conceptualization, these perfumes in collaboration with the classic punch room have made it to one of the grandest launches of the perfumes.

The elite library inspired private club, by the name punch Room is one of the most extravagant bars in the edition hotel London. Affiliated with the 19th-century taste and décor has one of the finest cocktails and drinks with the punch bowl being one of the highlights. With classy interior and a small fireplace next to each sitting makes the place cozier and takes you back the olden times. The major attraction of the place is the drinks and tea traditions that one is one of the finest trails of drinks offered here.

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