The Cartier Tank is undisputedly the most iconic watch to have ever existed. Anyone worth their grain of salt, from royalty to artists and from Capitol Hill to Hollywood, had this watch grace their wrists. Masculine or Feminine, Formal or Casual, this watch is suitable for everyone and every occasion.

This year the Cartier Tank turned 100 years old, making it one of the oldest existing watch models. While its success can be dismissed as simply a consequence of its celebrity patronage, the watch’s cult following also has to do with its timeless design. Cartier’s dedication to rectilinear, classic designs has contributed to the unmatched success of the Cartier Tank. Inspired by the Renault Tanks in World War I, Louis Cartier created the legendary Tank. Since its inception, Cartier has released variant collection of the models which include Tank Américaine, Tank Française, Tank MC, Tank Anglais, Tank Solo and finally Tank Cintrée.

It was surprising that Cartier did not organize a gala on the centenary of their most iconic creation, but instead Cartier did what it does the best, it introduced the world to yet another classic to celebrate the milestone. In honor of the Tank, Cartier released its limited edition Cartier Tank Cintrée Skeleton. The Tank Cintrée Skeleton is a modern reimagining of Cartier’s 1921 Tank Cintrée. Cintrée, the French word for bent, is the describing feature of the watch. The original 1921Tank Cintrée, ostensibly the most elegant amongst the Tanks, boasted of its compact dimensions and most importantly its curved profile, which allows the watch to sit closer to the wrist. The Tank Cintrée Skeleton, much like the original Tank Cintrée, maintains its compact dimensions with a more contemporary looking casing design. TheTank Cintrée Skeleton also incorporates Cartier’s latest in house skeleton movement, the caliber 9917 MC, which is slightly bent to better suit the casings curvature.
It is undeniable, that the celebrity of Cartier Tank rivals that of the personalities that wore it, and thanks to its clean aesthetics, the Cartier Tank is likely to continue being iconic for the centuries to come.

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