The Federation of international polo-like always is back to entertain people in a grand way. Since the event is organized in different cities and countries every 3rd or 4rth year. Executive Director, Key Sites and Industry Assessments, Anthea Sargeant broke the news that the Federation of International polo will now come under the Major Events Act 2009. This time the XI world polo championship 2017 for the first time in being held in Sydney at the Hawkesbury region. The atmosphere will be filled with the sound of ponies running around and the riders. The USP of the sports states that there is no gender restriction for the players and teams from all across the countries can come and participate.

In one of the liveliest city with amazing weather to add to the spice, teams with handicap up to 14 goals will be participating. The Sydney polo club will be surrounded with polo lovers and sports lovers who would enjoy this extravagant event in the most exquisite way.

This week-long tournament will include varied kind of attractions apart from the matches amongst teams. From polo fields, the on-site festival with free face painting, entertainment, Plentiful & wholesome food, beverages and a lot more.

The celebration will include a polo sports bar organized by Pommery which will serve world class drinks and cocktails to sip while you enjoy the match. Live acoustic entertainment and private lounge area are other attractions to enjoy during this event. The VIP marquee is another international dining experience that one can relish during this event.

The equine education session can be attended that would educate visitors about polo and horses. there would be live music playing at various local villages and places that would allow people to enjoy and know more about the culture and traditions of Sydney. For pet lovers there would be a petting zoo to take your kids for a nice stroll.

This will indeed be a complete family event where members from all age can enjoy and find their type of entertainment. The event would be full of cultural displays, educational show and local bands those will make the whole ambiance musical.

The tickets are available and can easily be bought with lucrative discounts. This festive month of October will give you a week-long entertainment that you can enjoy with family. Go and explore the XI world polo championship where the best teams would compete with each other and the ultimate one would be crowned for the year 2017.

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