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The splendiferous 20-Goals Joe Barry Cup 2018 : Day-1

03 January 2018 | USA

The 20-Goals Joe Barry Cup was held at the International Polo Club Palm Beach (IPC) ON 3rd January 2018

The 20-Goals Joe Barry Cup was held at the International Polo Club Palm Beach (IPC) ON 3rd January 2018. It got off to a significant start on, with two new teams asserting wins over teams which played the Herbie Pennell. The respected teams La Indiana and Villa del Lago took the field after a transient spell of rain. However soon enough, Michael Bickford and Jeff Hall from La Indiana assisted the team to take the lead. They were 6-3 up at halftime.

In the late fourth chukker, La Indiana’s Hilario Ulloa scored and made it 7-5. Luck was somehow in favour of La Indiana as Jeff Hall passed to Mike Azzaro, who, with a wide forehand cut the ball back at angle to make it 8-5 to the team. Emplaced with a ball by the boards for a 200 yard run, Jeff Hall scored to give a four goal advantage (9-5) in the fifth chukker. Gringo Colombres superseded an injured Ruki Baillieu and was substantially useful in defence in the fifth chukker, establishing a play with Mike Azzaro to make it 10-5. Ultimately, after a great deal of endurance, La Indiana won the game by 11 goals to 8.

Top Scorer La Indiana: Jeff Hall (5).
Top Scorer Villa Del Lago: Hilario Ulloa (6).
Score La Indiana: 2-1, 4-3, 6-3, 8-5, 10-5, 11-8.

In the second game we could see Tonkawa executed strong forward plays against a top-notch Mt. Brilliant for a 19-11 win in a high scoring game. Mt. Brilliant’s Jason Crowder scored the first goal with an excellent cut, but Tonkawa, maintaining the competition, in the second chukker was back with five undetermined goals. To this, Mt. Brilliant gave a splendid comeback, outscoring their opponents 6-1 in the next chukker and a half to lead 7-6 by the end of the third chukker. The crowd was seen effervescent as Tonkawa enchanted the crowd with astonishing runs in the fourth chukker, outscoring Mt. Brilliant 6-0 to lead 12-7. An amazing game with such a great speed and rigorousness by Costi Caset, Facundo Obregon and Sapo Caset was rapture to eyes. In the fifth chukker Costi Caset scored twice, and a significant pass by Facundo Obregon to Sapo Caset made it 16-8 for Tonkawa. The sixth chukker saw 5 goals from both teams. At last, Tonkawa’s Jeff Hildebrand closed the deal with a 150 yard run to give team the 19-11 win. .

Top Scorers Tonkawa: Sapo Caset (8) & Costi Caset (7).
Top Scorer Mt Brilliant: Jason Crowder (8).
Score Tonkawa: 3-1, 5-3, 6-7, 12-7, 16-9, 19-11.