The La Aguada Autumn Cup, witnessed an opening match between Los Nocheros and La Aguada Escorihuela

Katerina Morgan

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La Aguada Autumn Cup: 2018

26 MAR 2018 | Argentina

La Aguada Autumn Cup, first of the three to be held in Argentina this autumn, saw the coming together face to face of Los Nocheros and Los Cocos, the former emerging a winner with flying colors.

The La Aguada Autumn Cup, witnessed an opening match between Los Nocheros and La Aguada Escorihuela Gascon on 19th March 2018, followed by a match between Los Cocos and La Querencia. The four-day the tournament had the second set of matches on 21 st March 2018 with La Querencia and Los Nocheros against each other and Los Cocos and La Aguada Escorihuela Gascon, face to face. The third day of the of the championship saw a face-off between Los Cocos and Los Nocheros in the first segment and La Aguada Escorihuela Gascon in the second, on 23 rd March 2018. With three days of great games and exhilaration, the tournament reached its final leg on 25th March 2018. With matches between La Querencia and La Aquada Escorihuela Gascon in the first segment of the day, and a splendid final match between Los Nocheros and Los Cocos later, the tournament came to an end with Los Nocheros beating Los Cocos with a score of 9-8 in its favor and taking the La Aguada Autumn Cup home, with the subsidiary cup being given to La Querencia who beat La Aguada Escorihuela Gascon with a score of 9-7.

The final match between the two daredevils was a complete delight to watch. Held at the La Aguada Polo Club in Argentina, the match was a cut-throat battle between the two teams. While Los Cocos had an advantage over Los Nocheros as the match proceeded, Los Nocheros’ final attack won it the prestigious cup. Throughout the match, the score continued to stay in the favor of Los Cocos with 1-2 in the first chukker, 2-2 in the second, 4-4 in the third, and 5-6 and 6-7 in the fourth and fifth, respectively. It was only in the sixth chukker that the score came to a tie with 8-8, while the advantage turned to the side of Los Nocheros finally making them win the cup towards the end with a score of 9-8. The award ceremony turned charming with Mackenzie Weisz being named MVP, while Pipe Pistone was decorated with the Fair Play Award.
Jorge MacDonough, a big name in the veterinary world, also a horse breeder, directive, and player, was paid a tribute during the championship, as he unexpectedly passed away on 24th March 2018.