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Best Cars To Look Out For In 2018-19

16th July 2018 | India


Are you seeking for the ultimate comfort in your long drive! Or are done with your old four wheeled companion! Drop that frown on your forehead and look out at these upcoming elegant as well as extravagant cars arriving this year.

    It’s Rolls-Royce, a car brand that defined luxury to the utmost level. Rolls-Royce stays intact in presenting the class and elegance that you need to match with your ambience. This latest range of Rolls-Royce comes out as a novel kind of product in terms of price range, for this production of the brand falls into an affordable line when compared to the previous cars. At £225,000, you can own this Rolls-Royce which comes along a V-12 powerful engine. The interiors of the car too are breathtaking, for they give you premium level of comfort and is perfect for a long ride.

  •  Best Cars To Look Out For In 2018-19
    Image Credit: www.rolls-roycemotorcars.com
    What is the elite way of being driven around or driving a car? Undoubtedly the all new Mercedes-Benz S-Class. It is one car that defines luxury and comfort in the most brilliant manner. Mercedes-Benz S-Class will give you a look that will easily take your heart away. This product range by Mercedes is making all the news and is compared to the Rolls-Royce Ghost, for its engine and powerful performance. Mercedes-Benz S-Class is also proclaimed as one of the best cars by many critics, and it proves it with the design, shape and performance.

     Best Cars To Look Out For In 2018-19
    Image Credit: www.mercedes-benz.com

  • VOLVO S90
    If you are one among those who are done with the similar brands of elite cars and wish to get something new, so here is what you need. The all new Volvo S90 latest 2018 edition, is a new entry in the world of luxury class cars. The novel decision and precision of the latest car is going to please your eyes with a great vision to watch out for. Volvo S90 made a new entry in the list with its redefined statement where it had worked peacefully on the performance of the engine, along with bringing the best comfortable seats for a long drive. The interiors of the all new Volvo S90 are fascinating as they hold a classy Swedish style. The car is certainly value for money.

     Best Cars To Look Out For In 2018-19
    Image credit: www.caranddriver.com

    A luxury car that gives you the feel of a sports drive is what Jaguar can give you at par. It makes you feel like a real star behind the wheels. If you are looking for a complete package in a car, which matches your eliteness, gives you extravagant performance, makes your long drives flawlessly comforting, then for sure without any second thought this is the one car you should go for. Jaguar XF will give you all the feel that you want. The car is stocked with security, and comes along a reverse camera and keyless entry.

     Best Cars To Look Out For In 2018-19
    Image credit: sbautogroup.com