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10 November 2017| London

Dressing for a polo match could be a daunting task, we have to keep many aspect in consideration especially the terrain (grass), the temperature (hot usually) and the standard of attire

Dressing for a polo match could be a daunting task, we have to keep many aspect in consideration especially the terrain (grass), the temperature (hot usually) and the standard of attire (mostly chic). While deciding on an outfit for attending a polo match, we always think of A sophisticated yet feminine approach - a mix between dressing for a summer picnic with your friends and elegant smart casual because that’s how we have seen it happening around us, that’s why can’t think of an entirely contrasting way to go about it, that’s the reason why our muse for today deserve a bit more credit then she already has, to transform the ideal dress code for dressing up for a polo match.

She was rare and witty; she was sensitive yet a strong lady, she had a head hung high out of pride but she also had a heart of gold, she was and would always be the people’s princess …she is princess Diana , her fashion sense was same like her approach in life : unedited and brave . Princess Diana holds a special place in the hearts of people around the world, and her iconic style continues to captivate audiences to this day. She’s graced the cover of People 57 times—more than anyone in the history of the magazine. And though royal comparisons can be made the Princess of Wales had a fashion sense all her own. She always had a special place in her heart for this particular sport …polo...Time and again she has expressed this fondness of her through her vibrant presence across all the major polo events of her era and with time she has curated a particular style of her own on how to dress for a polo match and what excites me the most is how almost every other outfit being worn by her on those time still has a newness to it .Although 20 years have passed since Diana's tragic death, her signature sartorial flair for polo remains a classic. Through a compilation of her top 5 polo outfits, let’s have a fun tour of her polo wardrobe and somehow we will try to derive some sort of relevancy.

1. 1988 Proving that she needed little more than her statuesque frame to make an impression, she strolled the grounds at the Guards Polo Club in jeans and a sweatshirt topped by a crisp blazer .This was not the first time when she expressed her intentions clearly through her bold outfits, she was not here just to wear a tiara and twirl in a ball gown, she always thrived for more and all through her life she made people believed that she is ruler but she was to rule through her heart. This outfit was so not relatable on those days but today it’s a very go to outfit for most of us around, it has a comfort of a plan anti- fit jeans and quirk of a ‘’nicely quoted’’ t-shirt yet making a bold statement with that jacket with shoulder pads and we can’t over look those classic tan boots, supporting this bold outfit back then makes it clear that she always had a vision for future.
2.This white outfit is a very classic example of being minimal yet edgy, with a very subtle black print is a very well putted together outfit for a summer time polo match, these bell sleeves makes it apt for someone so petite like princess Diana and being white makes it bearable for that heat you are exposing yourself into and a well fitted pencil skirt will save you from any wardrobe malfunctioning could occur out of that breeze blowing on the fields and this statement belt is what makes it stand out and a nice pair of sunglasses with a big frame will make you edgy yet saves you from the harsh sun altogether.
3. This is yet another so fashionably fascinating outfit of princess Diana, this red jumper gives a hint of a bit colder days, might be autumn and she is still supporting such bright colors and prints and completing the look with these red pumps, her polo style is a perfect amalgamation of being sporty and yet has a class to it ,this outfit is exactly how her presence must have felt on those days, edgy enough to stand out and confident enough to pull it off with a grace of her own.
4. 1988-07-24 Diana attends a Polo Match at Smith's Lawn in Windsor, This outfit is perfect example for femenism today, its perfect oufit to attend a polo match for the hidden inner ladies in all of us, who is bold yet has a safistication to her approach, with this well structured top and very prominent shoulder lines, it screams for power and this vibrant sea green pleated skirt tonnes it down a bit yet stand a strong apeal of feministic angle but its this strong, bold and broad belt which has taken this look to a altogether next level and this look stands a fair chance for todays women who adores polo because this outfit is all about comport on the polo fields to strolled on yet it has a discreate boldness to it, which secure a generous percentage among the few selected ones who loves this sport as their second skins.
5. This is the most fun outfit you could spot a British monarch wearing, that too princess Diana, who had the most direct influence of the queen in her life and wardrobe too, a denim overall with a white polo t-shirt, nothing could stand a chance against this edgy andcomfortable outfit to attend a polo match and she completed the look with silver ballerinas, which is a well thought together add onn any other footwear would have killed the fun, laid back , easy breezy vibes it has to it. This outfit let her twirl around and nurture well guarded inner chirpy self of her. She owned every style she donned, her outfits are all about how she was as a person, being a single self yet she had many layers to her personality which was being well reflected by her choices in her life, she was one individual still every one of us out their can derive some sort of polo outfit or in- general outfit inpiration from her wardrobe memoir .