“Rio”, played by Rosendo Torreguitar of Bon Coeur/Quixote, received the Best Playing Pony Award for the final.

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Bon Coeur/Quixote crowned Labrador Trophy 2018 winners.

6th June, 2018 | Berkshire, UK

The low-goal tournament at the Guards Polo Club had Belmont Farm and Bon Coeur/Quixote competing in the Final.

Guards Polo Club’s annual dog show creates all the hype during this time of the year. Coinciding with it and making the most of its popularity, is the Labrador Trophy, a low goal tournament for the club patrons.
The 2018 edition of the tournament began on May 22 with eleven 1-2 goal formations, competing over the span of 12 days.

League One League Two League Three
Clarita Belmont Farm Bon Coeur/Quixote
Jacaranda Tashan Polo Carisbrooke
Porto Ronco Nipas Mad Dogs
Los Alquimistas Penam Bespoke

The semi-finals were played on June 2, where Belmont Farm narrowly beat Mad Dogs to enter the final game. While in the other game, Bon Coeur/Quixote got the better of Clarita to set up their final fixture against Belmont.

Semi-Final 1 Semi-Final 2
Belmont Farm (8) - (7) Mad Dogs Clarita (4) - (7) Bon Coeur/Quixote

The final was a closely fought battle, with Bon Coeur/Quixote winning by a 1 goal margin over Belmont Farm. Final scoreboard after the bell, read 11-10 in favour of Bon Coeur/Quixote.

Bon Coeur/Quixote (11) - (10) Belmont Farm

Penam Bespoke marginally defeated Los Alquimistas to win the subsidiary final. The low scoring game ended with a final scoreline of 4-3.

Subsidiary Final
Penam Bespoke (4) - (3) Los Alquimistas