The last round of league games was played on June 6; Quarter-finals to get underway on June 9. © Images Of Polo

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Cartier Queen’s Cup 2018: How teams fared in the League Round

9th June 2018 | Berkshire, UK

The qualifiers will begin on June 9, with eight teams left in the competition.

Cartier Queen’s Cup 2018 commenced on May 22 at the Guards Polo Club.
The 22-goal tournament is one of the most significant in the world polo. It has special provisions such as a VIP guestlist and Clubhouse hospitality.The jaw-dropping view of Windsor Great Park in the background is an absolute treat to the eyes. All in all, a day spent here leaves the spectators with an exhilarating experience

This year’s edition saw 11 teams competing to lay their hands on the highly sought after trophy.

League One Group Two- Sub Group A Group Two- Sub Group B
Les Lions Talandracas Park Place
RH Polo La Indiana El Remanso
Emlor Polo Team Clinova La Bamba de Areco
Monterosso Polo Team
Valiente Polo Team

League Round:
Here’s how the the League round proceeded:
Day 1- The first day of the tournament saw two tight games, with Talandracas beating Park Place 12-10 and La Indiana winning by 8-7 over El Remanso.
Day 2- RH Polo registered a comfortable victory against Les Lion by 11 goals to 6; Emlor Polo Team beat Monterosso Polo Team 12-10. Day 3- La Bamba de Areco eased past Clinova with 9 goals to 4.
Day 4- Emlor went down against Valiente by a score of 7-11; In the The Royal Windsor Horse Show Cup game, Park Place managed to win by a single goal against La Indiana with a scoreline of 9-8.
Day 5- The day began with a neck-to-neck game between Les Lions and Monterosso Polo Team, as the former won by 8 goals to 7. In the Kerry Packer Trophy match later in the day, La Bamba de Areco clinched the trophy beating Talandracas 12 goals to 7.

Cartier Queen’s Cup 2018 the League Round
Cartier Queen’s Cup 2018 the League Round

Day 6- The first fixture of the week saw El Remanso registering a decent victory over Clinova with a score of 14 goals to 9.

Day 7- RH Polo came out on top in the first fixture of the day, beating Emlor 10 goals to 7. Later in the afternoon, Monterosso Polo Team went down against Valiente Polo team, with the final scoreline of 9-11 in favour of the latter.
Day 8- Talandracas registered 9 goals on the scoreboard, against El Remanso who could only manage to score 7 in response.

Day 9- Clinova beat Park Palace with 10 goals to 8 in the Group 2 fixture.

Day 10- The day saw two closely contested games- La Indiana coming out on top against La Bamba De Areco with a score of 10-9, and RH Polo registering a 7-6 win over Valiente Polo Team.

Day 11- Emlor Polo Team and Les Lions went head-to-head

Day 12- The final round of league matches took place on June 6. Les Lions beat Valiente 8 goals to 6. The result however didn’t make much difference in the qualification process as both the teams still managed to book their places in the quarter-finals.
Monterosso Polo Team registered an 11-8 win over RH Polo, but the win came too late for them having already been eliminated from the race to the quarters. RH Polo despite facing a defeat on the day, still managed to qualify.
With all 8 quarter-finalists confirmed, here’s how the fixtures look:

Date Time (GMT) Teams and Results
Saturday 9th June 2018 12:00 PM RH Polo vs Park Place
3:00 PM Valiente Polo Team vs Talandracas
Sunday 10th June 2018 12:00 PM Emlor Polo Team vs La Indiana
3:00 PM Les Lions vs La Bamba De Areco

The semi-finals and the final will be played on June 13 and June 17 respectively.

Cartier Queen’s Cup 2018 the League Round