The Gilt Club, a home swap company, offers you to “access the inaccessible”~ a rental property which is a mansion of your dreams

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The Gilt Club-In Conversation With LA POLO

28th June 2018 | London,UK

Thought of home swap with someone else? And sided it by claiming it impossible? Never-mind, LA POLO brings to you The Gilt Club, a home swap company which would tell you the know-how of possibilities of house switch you would have always imagined.

A great man knows how to love his asset and a wise man knows the value of it. Such is the wisdom of Sebastian with whom LA POLO connected to know about the distinct idea that popped out of his mind to bring together people and properties which would otherwise have been just a dream. Sebastian does it by bringing rental property closer to people for holiday homes.

Sebastian entails the journey of the idea of The Gilt Club to what it is today . Here goes the extract of the session:

LA POLO : The Gilt Club, a home swap company comes with the tagline "access the inaccessible", so what exactly do you offer to your customers as holiday homes and how?
SEBASTIAN : The Gilt Club, a home swap company is a private members club. Access can only be gained by meeting our membership requirements. All our members and their rental property are not readily accessible on any other platform, therefore ‘accessing the inaccessible’.

LA POLO :Who is the target audience for your home swap company?
SEBASTIAN : Discerning individuals who own rental property that they have no need or interest in renting commercially but at the same time like the idea of being able to utilise them to fund or access other assets of a similar unique stature in a discreet and secure environment.

LA POLO : How did the home swap company come into existence and what was the main idea/unique idea behind it?
SEBASTIAN : I helped a friend find a very particular and unusual property in LA – the owner had no interest in renting but when I mentioned my friend owned an estate in Mallorca that had only ever been used by the family, his attitude changed as he was about to book a villa there for the summer. I put the two of them together and they did the deal 3 weeks in LA in return for 4 weeks in Mallorca. A similar deal in the rental market would have cost around 700,000 euros.

Unique attributes are:-

  • Members Only – providing security and privacy.
  • Rental property that are only accessible through the club (we do run a separate portfolio call Gilt Connect, for those members that do consider open market rentals).
  • Direct communication between members – gives total control on who and how a deal is done.

  • LA POLO : How do you define the business as rental and exchange?
    SEBASTIAN : Each member can choose whether they only want to home swap their assets with other members or whether they would accept a rental deal instead if a home swap doesn’t work.

    LA POLO : You have a significant name in the market, what is it that drives you, for say, your major priorities?
    SEBASTIAN :‘Trust’ is the key word. As a club we look to provide added value, both monetary and emotionally to our members. We are NOT trying to be the next Airbnb for the UHNW market – we aim to have 500 to 600 unique properties and assets globally within the next 5 years all of which can’t be access anywhere else. All our members have a mindset where it’s not about squeezing the last buck out of a deal but getting something truly unique at a fair value.

    LA POLO : Home Swap, how does it work?
    SEBASTIAN :Members can either arrange home swap through our online system, alternatively they can brief us into their requirements and we will help put the deal together. Once a member has found a rent property they are interested in, a conversation will be held between the two parties to see whether they are going to home swap or rent. Home swap do not have to run concurrently and often a winter location will be swapped for a summer location. Depending on the relevant values or the assets and length of time each member wants to utilise, they are occasions where home swap/rent takes place i.e. I take your house for two weeks and you take mine for 4 weeks – we home swap 2 of the weeks and you pay for 2 of the weeks. Once a deal is verbally confirmed, the leading member inputs the details into our booking system and this will then automatically generate a booking and relevant contact which is then accepted by the other party..

    LA POLO : What kind of properties/assets have you worked with and any experience you can highlight?
    SEBASTIAN : Scottish Castles, to Alpine retreats, to Sydney beach houses, to New Zealand country estates to Parisian Flats and New York Brown stones to mention but a few.

    The Rapid Fire Round

    -Bespoke according to you:
    Unique and individual

    -Location to visit:
    Sri Lanka

    -Luxury rental place you would suggest:
    CoCo Privé, Maldives

    Some of the rental property featured by ‘The Gilt Club’ are:

    The Gilt Club,Home swap, rental property, holiday homes

    The Gilt Club,Home swap, rental property, holiday homes
    The Gilt Club,Home swap, rental property, holiday homes

    The Gilt Club,Home swap, rental property, holiday homes
    The Gilt Club,Home swap, rental property, holiday homes,
    The Gilt Club,Home swap, rental property, holiday homes

    The Gilt Club,Home swap, rental property, holiday homes
    The Gilt Club,Home swap, rental property, holiday homes

    The Gilt Club,Home swap, rental property, holiday homes