Team Hurlingham Polo 1875 (in blue) and Team Cowdray Park (in orange)

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A 40-Goal Spectacle At The Cowdray Park Polo Club

26th June 2018 | Easebourne, UK

The home of British polo welcomed the biggest names of the sport, for an All Pro Polo League match.

On June 23, Cowdray Park welcomed its first 40-goal match in more than 100 years of the club’s history. In the event by All Pro Polo League (APPL), eight 10-goalers took to the field as they wore colours of the host club and the Hurlingham Polo 1875.

Hurlingham Polo’s quartet included Facundo Pieres, Pelon Stirling, Gonzalo Pieres and Juan Martin Nero who went head-to-head with their fellow 10-goalers- Polito Pieres, Sapo Caset, Hilario Ulloa, and Nico Pieres from the Cowdray Park team.

Many amongst the spectators had not witnessed this level of polo ever before, and the game delivered as per their expectations. The two teams put an absolute spectacle of top-flight polo. After an exhilarating game of 6 chukkas, the host team came out victorious to lift the APPL Eagle Trophy. The game ended 8-4 in favour of the Sapio Caset led team.

all pro polo league match The Cowdray Park Polo Club
all pro polo league match The Cowdray Park Polo Club

Javier Tanoira, the founder of All Pro Polo League, received appreciations from all sides for his efforts to widen the reach of polo by producing a dynamic and spectator friendly game of the sport.

"What a tremendous day for polo at Cowdray!”, exclaimed Roderick Vere Nicoll, chairman of Cowdray Park Polo Club. “ I salute Javier Tanoira for his vision.”
Earlier in the day, up-and-coming youngsters from England, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina and Australia competed in the ‘Young Guns’ Battle, featuring two 18-goal teams- Kings and Hurlingham Polo 1875. The game was an extremely tight affair, with the decisive goal coming in the very last minute for the Kings to win it by 7-6.