Pacific Coast Circuit Sportsmanship Cup Champions: Evergreen - Tom Sprung, Quinn Evans, Carlitos Galindo, Taylor Freeman | Image Credit - USPOLO

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Evergreen Clinch the Pacific Coast Circuit Sportsmanship Cup

16th February 2019 | Indio, California

The final matchup of the Pacific Coast Circuit Sportsmanship Cup on January 27 at Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, saw Evergreen clinch the title with an impressive 11-7 victory over Grande Prairie.

The match-up was intense going into the second half, with a constant back and forth between the two teams in the first, making it an engaging Polo competition throughout.

The 1st chukker saw Grand Prairie display a balanced offense with Piers Bossom, Tim Rudy and Felipe Sordelli scoring once each. The 2- Goal lead was maintained by Grande Prairie through the first half. Sordelli extended his goal tally to 3 in the first half and was a major reason for their dominant play in the first half. The first half ended with 6-4 in favor of Grand Prairie.

However, they were not able to extend their dominant performance into the second half. Grand Prairie made a significant amount of fouls, providing ample opportunities for Evergreen to capitalize on. Losing possession in several match sequences, Grande Prairie lost their initial offense in the latter half of the game. Evergreen had closed the match long 2-goal lead of Grande Prairie, the score being 7-6 going into the final chukker. Evergreen’s defense was successful in restricting their opposition to a single goal in the second, which came by the way of a penalty 2 conversion from Rudy.

the Pacific Coast Circuit Sportsmanship Cup

MVP Tim Rudy

But, Evergreen’s Carlitos Galindo’s stellar 9 goal performance ultimately stole the cup from Grand Prairie. Scoring 4 field goals in the first half, Galindo converted 5 out of 6 penalties to seal the victory for his team.

At the end of the 2nd half, the score was 11-7 and Evergreen was victorious in adding another coveted title to their possession, the Pacific Coast Circuit Sportsmanship Cup.