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Father’s Day ~ The Polo Way

11th June 2018 | India

Father’s Day will be all over the world next Sunday morning

Fathers’ are always special, but they are mostly left unsung and uncelebrated. They appear to be bold, furious and the ultimate hero of our lives; undoubtedly, the first and the last ideal~ a man we would die to become. This Father’s Day, LA POLO takes pledge to celebrate the protagonist of every child’s plot by bringing out the stories straight from the ground of Polo, which follows a rage to become “almost like my father.”

Be kind to thy father,
for when thou wert young,
Who loved thee so fondly as he?
He caught the first accents that
fell from thy tongue,
And joined in thy innocent glee.

Adolfo Cambiaso is among the greatest Polo player one would have heard of. He has gained all the limelight in not just Argentina but in the entire world. He is certainly an ideal for a lot of young buds, indicating that he is also the hero for his own little ones. The phrase, “like father like son”, is clearly brought to life by the father-son duo of Adolfo Cambiaso and his son, Poroto Cambiaso.

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Poroto Cambiaso, the son of the 10-goaler Polo player, Adolfo Cambiaso shows all the instinct of his father. In February 2018, the 12 year old Polo star gripped his mallet to score fearlessly against PTF USA. Scoring back to back, the budding star turned the tables in the favor of his team. It was as if history repeating itself and Poroto showing the traits of his father.

Sharing a bond on field, they define the freshness of the sport in the nuances of the strong relationship.
It is not only Adolfo’s son who is pacing his ponies in the sport, but also his daughter, Mia Cambiaso. She is a young polo player who boldly supports the ladies in field of polo. Following the footsteps of her father, Mia is establishing her name in the sport. Talking of him she says,

“ Polo and horses are my passion. My Dad helps me get better every day...Also Dad lent me a clone horse of ‘Candelera’, his best mare. She was so good!”
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“My name is Delfina Blaquier, and I want to tell you a little bit about us...I was raised between the city and the farm. My dad was polo player too, and since I was a child I madly fell in love with horses. I connected with them in a very special way. They are my angels...Always riding horses, whether my father’s polo ponies at the farm…”
“On a warm summer day of December 1997 I met , Nacho FIGUERAS...We started dating and
fell in love in the beginnings of 1998. 2 years later, our first son was born, Hilario...Years went
by making us older and stronger, letting us grow up as human beings, as parents, as
teammates and partners”
And today, the son wears the boots of his father.

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father status ,happy fathers day status ,fathers day sayings ,father status in hindi ,papa status lapolo

The proud father always supported the young gore,and it is surely under his guidance and mentorship that today, Hilario Figueras is bursting charts of the sport