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Valiente v/s Audi; the Sterling Cup Championship finals by Grand Champions Polo Club makes history

The Grand Champions Polo Club is USA’s most innovative polo club, and ranks among the best in the country. The club caters to players of polo on all levels, be it men, women, or the younger players who have just entered the enchanting world of polo. It has expertise in customizing a wholesome playing experience comprising horses, pros and certified umpires, along with lessons and practice sessions under its program; Polo On Demand.

It holds the pleasure of bringing back to life the Sterling Cup Championship after an absence of 22 years. First played in 1989, the current edition of the tournament was held in Wellington on March 24, 2018. The final match of the tournament was played between Valiente and Audi at the Valiente Farm. The final match began with Valiente leading 1-0 and 3-1 in the first two chukkers, without a single score in the third chukker. Further ahead into the game Valiente led 4-1 at halftime, outscoring Audi 4-2, in the fourth and the fifth chukkers, setting off into the final chukker with a lead of 8-3. Audi had a tough time finding its pace, resulting in a great victory for Valiente with a score of 10-4 in its favour, in the 20 goal championship.

This was the first time ever that Adolfo Cambiaso, ranked the best player in the world, won a high goal tournament with two of his children Mia and Poroto, aged 15 and 12, respectively, playing with him in his team. While Mia and Poroto had fun playing the game and enjoyed themselves, it was like a dream come true for Adolfo Cambiaso, to have won the game with his children. Mia Cambiaso’s being awarded the title of the most valuable player of the game did not come as a surprise, even though this was the first time she was playing a competitive tournament with her family. Adolfo’s title of the most valuable player of the tournament added another feather to the glory of the Cambiaso family. Maria Vazquez, wife of Adolfo was present to watch her family play, and expressed great happiness at their triumph.

Mia Cambiaso was overjoyed after having won her second MVP award in a U.S. tournament. She was also MVO of the Santa Rita Handicap where she and Poroto played for Valiente and won their first tournament as teammates in the U.S. in April 2017. Mia and Poroto Cambiaso are believed to be the youngest players to win the Sterling Cup.

It is interesting to note how history repeats itself. Like his son Adolfo Cambiaso also won his first 20- goal tournament at age 12 with his father, Adolfo Sr. playing with La Martina in the Eduardo Heguy Cup in Argentina. Talking about the game Adolfo expressed his concerns about low goal games where one does not know where to go, while the higher goal games are easier and safer for the quality of the game. Further ahead Adolfo expressed gratitude to Magoo and Bauti Panelo for playing with the team.

It became of thing of sheer pride when the Cambiaso family received all three Polo Pony Honours. While the American Polo Horse Association best registered horse of the game was Mia Cambiaso’s horse Bionica, owned by J5 Equestrian, the Grand Champions Polo Club Best Playing Pony for the game was Dolfina El Boeing, a stallion played by Adolfo Cambiaso. The same award for the tournament was given to Julieta, played by Poroto Cambiaso. A huge success for both Valiente and the Cambiaso family, the game was a true delight to watch.