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Burgeoning The Dream Of The Father | India Design 2019

Abhishek Sharma, the next generation of Sharma & Sons projects his plans to LA POLO

Seeking the pattern of the life, it is not everyday where we see the younger generation stepping in to grow and bring a different aspect to the already established family business. Nevertheless, LA POLO had an encounter with such a person during India Design 2019. Abhishek Sharma, who had recently came back to India after completing his Masters in Business Management from Oxford Trinity, gave LA POLO a detailed tour of his stall in the India Design 2019.

India Design 2019 | sharma and sons abhishek sharma
Marking a start to his story, Abhishek Sharma told LA POLO, “We as a 30 year old firm are into imports and exports. It was my father and uncle who started it where we were exporting to designers world over like Restoration hardware, Harrolds and back in India we are supplying to different stores like RV Interiors, Oma Stores among others.” Continuing about his journey, Abhishek Sharma told LA POLO, “Once I came back to India I decided on why not we have our own store and why not we create our own brand, because basically we are manufacturing things.” Amplifying about his brand, he further explained, “Keeping in mind all are products and just by travelling what I saw was how things are done and what designers need. That’s when I thought, let’s start with a store and before a store, let’s start with an exhibition where we can get a platform to rise, thus, we decided to get into India Design 2019.”

India Design 2019 | sharma and sons abhishek sharma
India Design 2019 | sharma and sons abhishek sharma

Starting with the tour, Abhishek Sharma started to read the pages of their family business. “We as a brand are specialised. It was F & C Osler who was the own creator as well as manufacturers of chandeliers and mirrors; he use to import it from Murano and Venice in Italy. We got the rights and my father was keenly interested in manufacturing all these things, so he traveled to Venice, got into contacts with them and brought the rights to manufacture these things in India. Now we are recreating this old tradition, which is good as people are anyway going back to retro.” Position his fingers at the display of art pieces he added, “We started off with mirror manufacturing in India, so we have Murano pieces all over and also the Venetian ones.”

Reflecting on one the art pieces, Abhishek Sharma enchanted, “Murano as the name states is a small locality in Venice and they use to manufacture these mirror with small pieces of glass. They are then assembled together in one whole mirror.

Talking about a different kind of mirror, Abhishek Sharma told LA POLO that, “the Venetian mirrors are the mirrors that are derived from Venice itself. You see the texture, the drawings, the carvings on the mirror, and it shows the difference. On them, you won’t see parts like Murano ones.

Refining about the brand Sharma & Sons, Abhishek hopped onto the other aspects of the brand. He further continued by telling, “We specialise in silver furniture, white metal and the stonework like the mosaic, inlay. Basically, these were things that used to happen in Italy and we at Sharma & Sons are trying to get these back in India.”

India Design 2019 | Sharma and Sons

When asked when if their brand is all about old school design and royalty, Abhishek answered, “we are dealing in Royalty that were common in Italy, now we are trying to get them back in India. So, instead of people going to buy these things why not bring it for them here.”


Shifting himself in the booth, Abhishek Sharma further told about the other aspects Sharma & Sons deal in, “We are also dealing in antiques. My father is a huge fan of buying things from the houses and then selling them.” Showing LA POLO one of the antique pieces, he continued, “We have a 18-century statue which is signed by the architect himself. Designed by John Bell, the statue is made with one whole piece of marble.”

India Design 2019 | Sharma and Sons
India Design 2019 | Sharma and Sons

Abhishek is a reimagining and giving a whole new meaning to his family business, and for such people and ideas are India Design is an apt place.