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The Display Of The Imagination By Prateek Jain | India Design 2019

Prateek Jain, Creative Director of Klove Studio gives LA POLO a tour of his new collection

India Design 2019 evolved as a home of surprises with the display of some intrigued art and designers coming up with distinct theories about life and the meaningful aspects we give ourselves to lead one. Crafting such a chapter, Prateek Jain, Creative Director of Klove Studio opened the pages of his diary for LA POLO, wherein he elaborated about his understanding of imagination, dream and the idea that is left behind. Opening up with LA POLO, Prateek Jain did this my putting light on his new collection, which he calls the “Totems over Time”.

India Design 2019 | prateek jain Klove studio

The Klove Studio booth that grabbed the eyes of everyone at the Indian Design 2019 due to its classic black design hovered by some magical music of the myths guided in the fresh odour of power had an open room of life hidden inside it, where every piece was hand crafted. Not just this, but every piece was brought to life with the breath of the artist himself. Giving a tour of this breathing art, Prateek Jain told LA POLO, “The collection inspiration is the Shamanic symbols of healing, abundance, beauty and vision. These are the ones that have come to us in our imagination and our entire collection is about how symbols that come to us in our imagination or become a part of our memory at some point of time start to fade away but you remember certain aspects of it, those aspects are the things we start to adorn as jewelry, as ornaments.” Pointing at the enlarged pieces of jewelry displayed on the walls of the studio, Prateek Jain continued, “The walls that you see here have necklaces which are sort of ornaments that people start to adorn and in the middle are the four totems that signify for us, Abundance, Beauty, Protection, and Vision.”

India Design 2019 | prateek jain Klove studio
India Design 2019 | prateek jain Klove studio

When asked on why and how does he decides on giving a piece of art a particular name, Prateek Jain simply blushed under his eyes and responded, “I don’t know. Sometimes you instinctively feel something and you say it and do it, that’s what remains.”

The Collection
Indicating towards his new collection, Prateek Jain unlocked to LA POLO, “The collection is made with blown glass, stainless steel, and brass. We have also used semi-precious stones as embellishments.” It was a wonder to discover how each piece that was displayed in India Design 2019 in the Klove Studio was an outcome of handcraft.

India Design 2019 | prateek jain Klove studio
Putting a light on one of his displayed piece of art, Prateek Jain said, “so, this is a 16 feet long necklace. It’s a limited edition piece and we will be making only five of these. Again, this whole necklace is made in brass, stainless steel, and blown glass.” Moving to one of the totems named Vision, we asked Prateek Jain if this was named Vision because it had a structure of an eye in it depicting the literal meaning of the vision, or was the inspiration something else. To this, he answered, “Yes, you could say it this way, and also it is crafted in a way where it depicts the vision that is always clear of its direction.”

India Design 2019 | prateek jain Klove studio
India Design 2019 | prateek jain