Millionaire Asia Cup 2018

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India vs Argentina in the Millionaire Asia Cup at the Mahalaxmi Race Course, Mumbai.

17th March 2018 | Mumbai

The Amateurs Rider’s Club organised Millionaire Asia Cup India vs Argentina hosted by St Regis- Mumbai.

The Amateurs Rider’s Club organised their second international match at the 71st Annual Horse Show & Polo Tournaments - 2018 as Team India went head to head with team Argentina on 17th March 2018 at the ARC Polo Ground, Mahalaxmi Race Course hosted by St Regis- Mumbai.
Captain Col. Ravi Rathod, Abhimanyu Pathak, Salim Azmi and Mitesh Mehta represented the Indian Team. Marcelo Araya, Benjamin Araya, Ignacio Arbelbide and Miguel Olivera represented the Argentine team under the leadership of the President of the Argentine Association of Polo, Mr.Eduardo Novillo Astrada.
The match ended in a 3 all draw as both teams gave their best in what turned out to be a highly entertaining and nail biting event.
The match was followed by a glamorous fashion show by designer Ms Pria Kataaria Puri who skilfully imbibed the grandiosity of the sport of kings with her collection.
The spectacular event saw dignitaries from various industries with Lt. General Ashok Ambre, of the Indian Army as the Guest of Honour for the evening, alongside Mr. Suresh Tapuriah, President and Mr. Nasir Jamal, Vice President of the Amateur Rider’s Club.