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30 June 2017

Lost in the snow, in a small peaceful valley, lies a calm workplace, a peaceful company.

Lost in the snow, in a small peaceful valley, lies a calm workplace, a peaceful company. The atmosphere is quiet and people are wearing white coats, each a master in their own area of work. In 1833, Antoine Lecoultre established a watchmaking workshop. A horological inventor, he developed a pinion cutting machine and a time device equal to one micron. In 1903, LeCoultre was challenged to mass produce an ultra-thin movement by a Paris-based watchmaker, Edmond Jaeger. LeCoultre accepted and completed the challenge.

This led to a partnership between the two watchmakers, laying the foundation for the company known today as Jaeger-LeCoultre. In 1928, Jaeger-Lecoultre introduced The Atmos clock, the timepiece runs on atmospheric pressure changes for years without any human intervention. In 1929, the swiss watchmaking marvels manufactured smallest mechanical movement, the caliber 101. Queen Elizabeth II wore a caliber 101 watch during her coronation.


Each piece is a masterpiece, made with intricacy, mastery and passion. Jaeger-LeCoultre is well known for it’s iconic watch, the Reverso. Before the use of sapphire crystals, it was easy for a watch crystal to be broken. The Reverso allowed the wearer to turn the case backwards while still on the wrist, to protect the crystal if needed. The Reverso is still produced today, albeit with a sapphire crystal in place.

Jaeger-LeCoultre and the International Herald Tribune have joined forces with UNESCO’s World Heritage Centre in support of the World Heritage Marine Programme. The partnership provides funding and media exposure for one of the World Heritage Committee’s priority programmes, leading to the listing of new marine sites and protection measures for the 46 sites already listed. Each year, the programme as well as the sites are featured in print and online news articles by the International Herald Tribune, thus offering increased visibility to the partnership.

In all their productions, art rules the design more than anything else. Being at the top of industry for more than a century, they are an example of excellence and perfection.