La Dolfina lifts the Tortugas Title for the sixth consecutive year

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La Dolfina Wins The Tortugas Title Sixth Time In A Row

9th October 2018

The finals for the title of Tortugas was battled on 7th October 2018, Sunday between La Dolfina and Ellerstina.

The Triple Corona 2018 witnessed a taut fight for the Tortugas title. This tournament came out as the first where a firmer 80-goal handgun was played, defining the 78th Open of the Tortugas Country Club.

The finals for the same were fought on 7th October, Sunday at the Tortugas Country Club between La Dolfina and Ellerstina, where the title was won by La Dolfina. With this victory, La Dolfina won the title for the sixth consecutive year. Also, with this victory, La Dolfina in total has won 11 Tortugas Title.

Team Formation
La Dolfina Ellerstina
Adolfo Cambiaso Pablo Pieres
David Stirling Gonzalo Pieres
Pablo Mac Donough Nicolas Pieres
Juan Martin Nero Facundo Pieres

The game summed up at 11-9, where La Dolfina led to victory. The Most Valuable Player during the Tortugas title was won by David Stirling, while the Best Playing Pony was given to Barbara, played by Adolfo Cambiaso, owned by Valiente Polo.

About Tortugas Country Club: Tortugas Country Club was the first polo field built in the country. The club was built by Antonio Maura on the land of Wenceslao Escalante, where he could play polo with his friends. The club was named Tortugas for the team had a slow style of playing, whereby, Antonio Maura’s wife suggested ‘Tortugas’ as the name for the team. The similar name was adopted by the club later. Maura remained the first president of the club until 16th December 1964.
With years, the Tortugas Country Club has involved itself into many other sports like, golf, showjumping, Paleta, to name a few.

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