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Lush Paris Ball Celebrates Indian Beauty

Dazzling decor, beguiling beauties, good-looking gents, dotting dance moves. Ah! Balls are so perfect!

,25th July 2018 | Paris

Lush Paris Ball Celebrates Indian Beauty

Le Bal des Débutantes, also known as ‘Le Bal’ and sometimes ‘Crillon Bal’ is an extravagant fashion event organized in Paris every year in the month of November. The lush Paris Ball serves as the ultimate socializing platform for nearly 25 gorgeous females aged 16 to 22. It was started by Ophélie Renouard in the year 1992. The idea behind Le Bal is to bring young women from around the globe under one room in glittering haute couture and couture designers and also in mesmerizing work of foreign fashion houses so as to socialize and expand relations.


These pretty women who attend the ball are known as debutantes and belong to families renowned for their impeccable contribution in the field of social welfare, arts, politics, business etc. No doubt, Le Bal is one of the biggest platform where next-gen leaders meet and converse. But, it also acts as a fundraising event for charitable organizations while joyously celebrating the French lifestyle. It is from 2009 that Le Bal serves as an event of fundraising for Enfants d’Asie, an organization that promotes and works for girl education in Southeast Asia. However, since 2015, it has started supporting and funding Seleni, a non-profit organization that takes care of the medical expenses of adolescent mothers.
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In 2009, India to become a part of this lush event that is indeed a great opportunity to strengthen relations and also a reason to contribute to social welfare. India took its first step in the magnificent Le Ball with Jammu and Kashmir Princess, Adishree Singh. She was highlighting her beauty in a gorgeous Ritu Beri creation. The royalty of Jammu and Kashmir looked eye stunning in her green and golden attire. It was Princess Adishree Singh who initiated the eye-pleasing beauty of India to shimmer up Crillon Ball a bit more and after that every year, Le Bal witnessed some eye-pleasing beauty right from Bharat.


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