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Oakley’s New Campaign says: It’s Okay!

18th July 2018 | Southern California

A campaign to roister about the neverending hard work and unhighlighted sacrifices to pursue what we call passion.

One of the leading names in the world of product design and sports performances, Oakley is a bunch of creators, inventors and scientists obsessed with greatness. This made the brand curate and conduct a survey campaign known as - One Obsession, which believes it’s okay when it comes to passion.
The survey was conducted by Kelton Global from March 23rd till April 8th, 2018.
And now, it has come with the next chapter of the powerful One Obsession series which induces in one a sense of passion for one’s sporting dreams which demand sacrifices.

Pursuing a sports obsession is no fairytale, whether you’re a professional or an everyday athlete. You have to make room for these passions – be it sacrifices in your family-life, career or friendships.
And joined in thy innocent glee.

The campaign creates an athlete survey to examine the behavior and lifestyles of those who are determined towards their sporting passion everyday and mark themselves a place in the list of “The Obsessed”.Oakley’s this movement invites athletes of varied abilities from different parts of the world to be a part of the high-class global networks of the renowned and celebrate the true, raw and not so glamorous moments of pursuing passion.

The believe is - What matters is the journey, the commitment and the positive spirit. The ONE OBSESSION survey looked into small details like daily routines to matters like athlete's biggest sacrifices – time, careers or relationships. It provides a window into the emotional connection we have with the sports we love to pursue and embraces the idea - It’s Okay to be Obsessed with things that describe you.

Oakley’s New Campaign 2018
Oakley’s New Campaign 2018
Oakley’s New Campaign 2018