The traditional and iconic "Pando Carabassa" Castle adds to the scenic beauty of the Alfredo Lalor complex.

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The Polo Week: A new platform for Amateurs

6th June 2018 | Buenos Aires, Argentina

The week long event, featuring the International Polo Amateur Tournament, begins from October 4 this year.

If you’re a Polo lover, how about spending an entire week dedicated to the sport? Where else but at the ultimate destination for polo aficionados from across the globe.
“Educado en Argentina”, with the support of Ministry of Tourism and under the sponsorship of Argentine Association of Polo, is introducing the inaugural edition of “The Polo WeeK”. The week begins on 4th October 2018 and will be concluded on 10th October 2018.

It will include:

  • Accommodation
  • Breakfasts and lunches
  • Registration to the International Polo Amateur Tournament (TIPA)
  • Transportation itinerary
  • Transportation to and from the airport
  • Triple Crown entry ticket
  • Official Handicap payment for foreigners in AAP
  • Medical assistance
  • 4 official tournament matches
  • Awards in Official and Subsidiary Cup
  • Prize for the best foreign player
  • Visit to an embryo transplant center
  • Dinner and Tango show
  • Polo clinic in AAP official mechanical horse

About TIPA:

Argentine Association of Polo’s vision to promote Amateur Polo on national and international scale led to the commencement of The International Amateur Polo Tournament (TIPA), created by the “Tourism and International Relations Commission” of the association.
It will be played during the Polo Week at the Pilar headquarters of the association, in the capital city of Buenos Aires.The complex here, Alfredo Lalor, has been named after the former president of Argentine Association of Polo. Its 12 first-class tifton courts and the traditional "Pando Carabassa" Castle will provide the infrastructural and scenic backdrop to the International Amateur Polo Tournament.

The Polo Week: A new platform for Amateurs
The Polo Week: A new platform for Amateurs

The participation is open for men and women over 25 years of age from all around the world, who play the sport only for pleasure and are not earning money in return. Former players over the age of 50 years who have not played a professional game in the last 5 years can also participate.
All facilities and equipments will be provided to the players including horses, horse gram and polo clothing (except boots, white pants, goggles, helmet and knee pads). Each team will consist of 2 local and 2 international players, handpicked by the program.

Eligibility criteria for foreign participants-

  • Must be at least 25 years old
  • No professional polo players
  • Enroll in “The Polo Week”
  • AAP handicap for the day (already included in the program)
  • There are only 32 places for the international amateur players (without exception)
  • 2 foreigners and 2 locals per team (put together by the program)
  • Teams evaluated by AAP to assure fairness.

For further information and registration contact to:
Argentine Association of Polo-
Educado en Argentina- www.eduargentina.org/thepoloweek
WhatsApp +549.113.779.8161