Highlights from last year’s Prague Polo Cup.

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Royal Discipline At The Prague Polo Cup

6th September 2018

After five seasons in Chuchli, this year's tournament in the royal equestrian sport, Polo will be hosted at the Levín farm.

The sixth International Polo tournament, Prague Polo Cup, will be held from September 6th – 8th 2018. The event which will be held on Saturday this week. In the current year, four teams will compete, making excellent international players from Argentina, the Czech and Slovak Republics, the USA, Hungary, Greece and the United Kingdom. After five seasons in Chuchli, this year's tournament in this royal equestrian sport will be hosted at the Levín farm. Tickets for the exceptional sport and social event are available for sale for the second year.

The game which has been one of the most popular event of Czech Republic, is a collective equestrian sport is also exceptional in the fact that amateurs, often patrons of teams, play together with top-quality world-class professionals and that one team can play both women and men together.

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The world's royal discipline is still usual in Bohemia; this is the Prague Polo Cup. Nina Pop, president of the Prague Polo tournament said, “I very much appreciate the fact that we can welcome the visitors of the 6th Prague Polo Cup in the picturesque surroundings of the Levín farm. The Alchymist, Oaks Prague, Stars Events and Veuve Clicquot teams are in great shape, promising to have an unforgettable show”.