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19 January 2018 | Switzerland

Cocktails, martinis and champagne dressed in elegance and grace over the human merit of artistic beauty in machines, man has finally proved its brilliance.

“Watches, For Ages, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”

C ocktails, martinis and champagne dressed in elegance and grace over the human merit of artistic beauty in machines, man has finally proved its brilliance. Examples of such are scattered all around us even to our writs which speaks of an old blues classics watch, The SIHH “Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie” is back with the enigma of a precision. The prestigious trade fair is being organized in the picturesque beauty of Geneva, Switzerland famous for watches, chocolate, architecture, and all things fine, what a perfect place to bring the showcase of the latest trend of human identity.

In today’s time when moments are so precious, Cartier and Montblanc are somewhat of a rage, luxury brands from around the world are gathering in, to firm their grips over the ever-changing landscape of niche accessories, famous brands are at the display of what is the best they can offer. Since 1993 SIHH has remained unbiased strong platform of renaissance in fashion and creating trends, since they make few of the finest of the rickety –tock in industry to contemporary fashion trade fair they bring the classiest that sets the benchmark for the rest, SIHH has stood at the center of the evolving global watch market and, over the years, has grown into a unique meeting place for the industry. For the past 28 years, each edition of SIHH gives over 15,000 visitors a 360° view of horological expertise.

This year 2018 the “Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie happening in the city of Global Financial Headquarters and Heritage amidst the shadow of the remarkable architectural masterpieces like Collège Calvin, Cathedral St-Pierre, Institute and Museum of Voltaire with Library and Archives. It is cynically beautiful, a city of tradition & cultural liberty of artistic expression has always enchanted thinkers philosophers and designers of Avant Grade, like Jacques-Laurent Agasse and alike many more have sought refuge in the wilderness of alpine beauty with uncontestable Food & Wine, they created what we call today the classics of 20th century artistic freedom above All Jaeger-LeCoultre, Memovox Polaris from 1968, and Montblanc which are few to personage according to leading magazines are dignified designs of atypical tags of New age glory and perfectness, SIHH has since editions back have become a breeding ground of classic heritage conservation ground for nurturing new and establish vogue of today.

Cartier, has decided for the renovation of few old ones, Classic Pendulums of the Beijing Palace Museum, In blur of time and centuries that have escalated into digital mania, a piece of antiquity clocks as such are rare, Pendulums, and classic rare watches are always at the foresight of the collectors, Museums and historical societies which indeed increased rarity of their collectables In this edition of SIHH 2018, the Expectations were high which “Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie” full fills with landmark distinction.


When digitization and advancement of technology are changing the landscape of 21st Modern century world watches are a deal of stumper in time. The conclusion of “Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie” which will be followed in the coming few days. Brand of Niche Variety which are setting the trade-bench and Standards in the industry had thrown delight of eyes, lined-up presentations DE L’ Auditorium for the Next two days holds the extravaganza to a Fashion Accessories to a new stature, So let’s stay tuned.