Patek Philippe 6300G Image Caption : businessinsider.in

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Surprise For Patek Philippe Fans!-M-Newsletter

31st July 2018 | India

The newsletter of LA POLO brings exclusive news from across the world.

The weekly newsletter of LA POLO for this week comes out with the most exclusive news for all the Patek Philippe fans. The United Chrono exclusively declared it to us that they are going to be the only platform where Patek Philippe 6300G will be available online. Apart from this, the newsletter covers the attractiveness of the King Power Polo Cup and about Silver Cup which created history at a grand level. The newsletter compiles of all the updates from the polo world. Entering in the world of opulence, the newsletter puts light on NYC Panorama Music Festival and Summer 2018-International Exhibition Barcelona.

LA POLO strives to keep its associates updated about all the news from the world of polo and beyond.