The movie is bursting the chart at full flow. The star- cast and the plot, is all on point. But what's the big mystery?

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What’s with Ocean’s 8 Robbery and India ?

7th June 2018 | India

The movie is all set to break the charts, but what is the spark that leads to the robbery. More so, the Indian context it carries. Capture the real story here.

The ground of the movie is set on the big robbery that takes place in the Met Gala. The sparkly blue-white diamonds that would tempt any woman's heart, fired the plot of the movie in similar frame. But what is it with the jaw- dropping Toussaint necklace that it grabs the entire show. Cartier, the creator of the piece himself reveals the story behind it.

The necklace around which the movie is elaborated, originally belongs to the Maharaja of Nawanagar, which was designed by Jacques Cartier in 1931. The piece featured excellence with a 136.25 carat blue-white diamond or the Queen of Holland diamond.

What’s with Ocean’s 8 Robbery and India blue print
What’s with Ocean’s 8 Robbery and India  cartier-and-anne-necklace lapolo
What’s with Ocean’s 8 Robbery and India

Unfortunately, the necklace went missing when the Maharaja of Nawanagar was exiled. It was only due to the available sketches and photographs preserved till date in Cartier’s archives that lead in the creation of the replica of the piece for the cinematic usage. Although the structure of the original piece still lays on display at the National Gallery of Australia. “The finest cascade of coloured diamonds in the world” was replicated for the movie and created in less than eight weeks at the Cartier’s workshop, whereby the coloured diamonds of the original piece were mounted with colourless zirconium oxides. The size too was adjusted to fit Anne Hathaway.

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The movie also has scenes filmed in India, which creates a plot surrounding to the importance of the country and its association with the neck piece.

The movie will release in India on 22nd of June.