A sight from the game of snow polo. Image Credit: snowpolo-stmoritz.com

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What is Snow Polo?

9th July 2018 | Switzerland

A peek into the extreme type of polo- the Snow Polo.

Polo has been into action for more than 2600 years now, and since then it has been in a regular process of evolution. Such evolutions has resulted into the birth of many newer forms of polo across the world and one such form is the snow polo. Here’s everything you need to know about snow polo.

What is Snow Polo?
Snow Polo is an alternative form of regular polo, where the sport is played on the horseback, but unlike a regular polo field, snow polo has a ground full of snow. For this sport, the horses are trained to run over snow, involving a lot of practice for the horses as well as the players.

How did Snow Polo came into being?
Snow polo, a modified form of regular polo, was for the first time introduced in 1985 at St. Moritz, Switzerland. It was later that this place came out to introduce snow polo tournament to the world. So much so that it became the only snow polo tournament sanctioned by the USPA.

How is Snow Polo different?

  • Snow polo is identical to that of regular polo. It too is played on a horseback, and has similar rules.

  • The major difference between the two forms of polo is that the snow polo is played over a frozen ground, unlike regular polo.

  • The field of snow polo is of the exact size as that of regular polo.

  • There are goal post on either sides of the ground.

  • The players use mallet like sticks while playing snow polo.

  • Unlike in regular polo, the ball used in snow polo is coloured so that it does not mixes with the color of the snow and is easily visible to the participants.

  • The size of the ball too is slightly larger than that of the regular polo ball.

  • The horses are provided with fittings to hold proper grip over the ice.

Where is Snow Polo played?
Snow Polo was initially introduced at St. Moritz, Switzerland in 1985. It later gained popularity around the world. But Snow polo is like an synonym for St. Moritz. The place is a host to the snow polo world tournament worldwide.