48+1 Hours at Indonesia

Home to the 9th century Borobudur Buddhist temple, Jawa Tengah is a special concept that includes the city of Yogyakarta - the city named after Ayodhya from Ramayana filled with outstanding natural beauty; surrounded by cooling highland-air and eight mountains. LA POLO picked the most traditional, local and wholesome experiences intact, which accentuate the magnificence of the environment, the people, the culture - filled with wonderful experiences. Here's how you can spend a couple of days in Indonesia LA POLO style.

1st Hour

The Luxurious Stay

Treat yourself to one of the luxurious resort at MesaStila resort and spa set within lush green vegetation and mountains. The resort offers you sophisticated and palatial suits with elegant décor. Indulge your senses in their spa session with ancient healing remedies and distress yourself.

6th Hour

Get Wooed By the Artists

Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA) located in Ubud on Bali is considered to be the landing-place of all the art lover across the globe.The museum is room to not only visual arts but also exhibits the exotic collection of paintings, some classic theatre performances, and cultural workshops in an attempt to sustain their Balinese art.

11th Hour

The melting sapphires

The midnight trekking escapade at Mt.Ijen (Banyuwangi) to capture awe-inspiring blue fire in Ijen crater. It is one of the two places in the world where you can witness such natural sight. The trek begins in the late afternoon and you can also stay back to watch the sunrise.

21st Hour

Some Spicy Affair

Discover exotic Balinese recipes and embark on a food adventure. An experience that gives you glimpses of the local life in not more than 4-5 hours. Get yourself acquainted with traditional cooking techniques, wood-fired oven, Balinese spices from the Kitchen garden and then savor on your own masterpiece.


25th Hour

Rendezvous with Hammerheads

If you ever happen to be in South Lombok especially the months from March to June, dive deep down to Belongas Bay. The bay is home to not only pelagic animals such as hammerheads but other species like sea snakes, barracudas, and marine life as well.

29th Hour

Chasing the Sun Sets

Overlooking the Indian Ocean, Pura Tanah Lot is located on an extensive coral rock in Bali. The ancient Temple is enriched with its own saga and can flood your photo bucket with its captivating splendor.

31st Hour

Unearth Underwater Temples

Dive into Pemuteran beach in North West Bali and explore the exotic “Devata Vishnu”. Be a sea rover and discover along with the marine creature the ruins of the Hindu temple. You can see impressive large stone statues and the mysterious aura sitting 90feet beneath on the ocean surface.

35th Hour

Fine Dining Dates

Rijstaffel Dinner at Ayung Terrace offers you a luxurious fine dining experience complete with Indonesia’s scrumptious history. Meals from the inner cities of Indonesia are served in your platter by conventionally dressed servants.

44th Hour

Brew up your Thoughts

Sip on a hot cup of coffee at one of the most traditional cafés in Jakarta and get started to fuel your wanderlust. Jakarta Coffee House is one such place where you could revivify yourself from the tiresome journey you had.

46th Hour

Diversity Woven by Common Thread

Time traveling to the pre-medieval times through its conspicuous and classical Javanese dance theatrical performance enchanting the audience with its narratives carefully woven based on themes such as the Mahabharata and Ramayana. Wayang Orang Bharata in your check-List is a must.

48th Hour

Nusantara Polo Club

The One Stop Destination for all the polo players, Nusantara Polo Club is a premier horseback polo and riding facility located in Jagorawi Golf and Country Club. The club welcomes all equestrian, polo enthusiasts to come together and experience the sportsmanship.