Week of Love, of the men, women and stories of polo romances.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner and couples swinging on the Week of Love, swooning over each other, we cannot ignore the handsome, sturdy people from the polo ranch and their love stories. They are unsung and alluring with adorable pictures and tales to tell. To appreciate and honour the love around and about the ranches and fields of polo, here is our list of some of the famous players and the love of their lives, inspired, based or revolving around the Sport of the Kings.

Adolfo Cambiaso and Maria Vasquez:

This influential couple in the polo world is raising two polo princesses and fashion icons on the footsteps of their mother, Maria Vasquez who is a hallmark for maintaining a low profile. The family leads a fancy, nomadic lifestyle and works towards raising awareness for social causes such as breast cancer. The model mom and polo legend are inseparable beauties with their adorable children.

Rajmata Gayatri Devi & Maj. Gen. Maharaja Sir Sawai Man Singh II

The young and handsome Maharaja of Jaipur first locked eyes on the enchanting beauty from the princely state of Cooch Behar when she was 12 years old in Calcutta in a Polo affair and it is to no surprise that the young Princess was in love, enthralled by the charm and the tough, rugged personality the Maharaja carried. He was an amazing and immaculate polo player. He had all the women swooning over him but he was seized by the enigmatic enchantress that Gayatri Devi was.
She was an equestrienne, excellent rider and an able polo player. With a shared fondness and an extraordinary love blooming between each other, they defied societal norms by marrying each other with an age difference of about twenty years and the Maharaja already being married twice.
The couple spent a lifetime of going on rides, shikaar, playing polo and leading a life of royals. The Maharaja’s life ended during a polo match in England and left the now Maharani and Rajmata Gayatri Devi devoid of her significant half. The couple defined and complimented each other with their incredible persona especially with their charming presence in the polo field.
They are and shall always be our topmost in the list of 7 love stories from the polo field.


Facundo Pieres and Agustina Wernicke

10 goal handicap Argentinean Polo player, Facundo Pieres met his wife Agustine, as a teenager and they have been sweethearts ever since. Pieres is symbolic of dedication and youth and is dearly in love with his wife and horses. One of the most eligible and coveted bachelors, Pieres settled on her old friend and now leads a very homely and affectionate life with her. Wernicke proves to be the most excellent wife for an important sportsperson like him and they enjoy a very affectionate and happening lifestyle with each other. They spend time at the ranch where Pieres practices his passion and his wife spends time with him.

Mariano Aguerre and Tatiana Pieres

The couple belongs to a vast background of polo players. Tatiana Pieres is the daughter of Polo legend Gonzalo Pierres Sr. and her brothers are also big names in the Polo field. Aguerre is married to Tatiana Pieres and has four beautiful children with her. The couple moves about the polo world together and has a reputation of being a major horse breeder.

Nacho Figueras and Delfina Blaquier

The Argentinean heartthrob was riding off the field during the half-break in the Argentine Open and Delfina Blaquier meets his eyes while chatting with her friend. The sparks that flew were instant and the Cupid’s bow was struck. Delfina Blaquier is passionate about architecture and horses. Figueras wooed her like the most debonair gentleman and the couple had a fairytale wedding in 2004 after a period of beautiful courtship where Figueras serenaded to her and pursued her. The couple has spent time riding ponies across scenic landscapes, working in ranches, sipping champagne and everything that is fancy and romantic in the world. They have 4 children and are close-to-nature wanderers with their zeal and passion for horses and polo. The endearing pair starred as the face of the Ralph Lauren campaign in 2011 titled ‘A Love Story’ and remains to be an adorable and envious saga from the Polo field. This dapper and prim couple makes one of the most handsome families in the world of polo and wide.

Col. R.S Sodhi and Nafisa Ali

The gorgeous Nafisa Ali was a ravisher of souls and captor of many hearts. This Miss India and Miss International winner was a woman ahead of her time and society. She met the handsome Colonel at a Polo match in Kolkata. The colonel who belonged from a staunch Sikh, army family fell in love with Ali who was being wooed and chased under the mischievous guidance of Sodhi’s or “Pickles” sister. Nafisa considers the polo match where she met the dashing player, an answer to a prayer that she made at a shrine when she was 16. Sodhi is an ardent lover of polo and horses while Nafisa was an impeccable swimmer and a beautiful actress in her days. The match was made after many complications, hurdles and second thoughts. Sodhi is now a retired army officer and Nafisa is a social activist with three amazing children and they live in New Delhi. This love blossomed at the polo field has brought together an extraordinary alliance.

Nic Roldan and Jessica Springsteen

American Polo player and model Nic Roldan and Jessica Springsteen, daughter of Bruce Springsteen and champion show jumping rider are in love for an obvious reason, steeds. Where Roldan is generous, smart, funny and patient, Springsteen fits the bill for him by being the sunny, beachy girl that she is. The amazing horseback performers are driven by their shared love for horses and support each other in their respective aspects. Springsteen expresses her relationship with Roldan by stating their mutual understanding for their sport demands and schedules. Other than that, the couple spends a lot of time in their ranches, and riding with each other. They also attend each other’s matches and events as partners and allies. There is nothing like dating in the same arena and tangent!