As the world around horses is topsy-turvy, the players have evolved with skills in controlling the limitless horsepower on the field. At times, this daunting and thrilling adventure takes sudden turns and even the best riders fall prey to the swift game. They fall and climb on the saddle and the game goes on.
But these are the moments of reminder. A reminder to start strong everytime. A reminder of the surprising game of Polo.
And all these rapid moments comes to life only when captured with the attention of a hawk eye. Captured by you.

With this assignment, we want to portray two things together.

1. Honoring the art of photography at its best as you have clicked the rare moments (falling from a horse) that occur and pass away with the flicker of time.
2. The hurdles being transformed into glory as the players never stop playing amidst deadly falls from a horse.

These heroic stories can be told in the best way with the remarkably captured shots in action. The top photographs will be assembled and will be sent to the editorial team to frame a story.
La Polo magazine will also be featuring the best photograph in its upcoming edition.

How do I enter? Explore your collection of polo shots and send us on ( a minimum of one or a maximum of five best(falling from horse)photographs along with your full name, e-mail, twitter/Instagram handle, postal address and a short description of the photograph and why you like the shot. La Polo will do a shout out on the selection of your image on your social media platforms.

Before you gear up: Don’t forget to go through the terms and conditions listed below.

Terms and Conditions
Photos must fit these requirements: 300 dpi, JPEG+CMYK.
Submitting your photographs permits us to use it on La Polo website, social media platforms, and magazine with the credits.
The photographs must not be older than 4 years from today.
Mention the place, players and time along with the photograph.
Maximum likes on the image will be the considered as the only factor in deciding the winner.
La Polo will decide when to feature the image.
The promotion will not be sponsored.