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In-game events at polo matches

Side events, like DJ entertainment, help to enhance the viewing experience for spectators, and also help players to relax.


In-game events at polo matches

In-game events (also known as limited time or live events) are a subset of a wider notion that has been a crucial component of match entertainment since its inception, boosting engagement via excitement and anticipation. It's all about persuading the audience to participate in your game, which is exactly what an in-game event excels at. In-game activities are becoming a typical aspect of the overall sporting experience.

However, the general surge in popularity necessitates organizers and event management companies being wiser and more sophisticated in their implementation of in-game events. A few years ago, Christmas or other holiday events might have been enough to have your crowd applauding. However, it is now the basic minimum that is required of your game. As a result, there is a vast array of in-game events available — and they are no longer viewed as merely to enhance the main game. In many situations, in-game events have taken the place of the main attraction of the game.

As there are many in-game events during polo matches, in this article we’ll specifically look at DJ events during the polo match.

When DJ performances are combined with traditional polo, it spices things up for the audience. Many of the guests may have never attended a polo match before. This is one way to quickly make the game more accessible by integrating polo into the metropolitan atmosphere. Attendees may be engaged in the game while viewing live DJ performers for a more complete event experience. In short, it can be said that including DJ can help to attract a new audience to the polo match.

Advantages of in-game events:

  •   Networking:

Piotr Borewicz from Warsaw polo club says: “Polo is just not about the match, it’s also about networking and due to the DJs, it creates a friendly vibe which can help in networking with people easily.” Polo is mostly about networking and meeting new people and events like DJ performances help to make the process of networking more interesting.

  •  Audience engagement:

DJs help to attract new audience to the match. A significant DJ event can generate excitement and enthusiasm for such an event. It can assist to increase participation in sports, which offers long-term benefits for polo clubs. Such an event may also increase volunteerism, which fosters civic virtues.

  •   Branding: 

Events like DJ performances help to create a long-term impact on the guests. Mostly there is only traditional polo match, but in-game events help to make the match more memorable which creates the brand name of the organization as people tend to remember such events.

  •  Economic benefits:

Due to the increasing popularity of in-game events, many companies are opting for this, and are sponsoring such events. Arranging such events are expensive but due to the short and long-term benefits, many companies are ready to sponsor such events.

  • Benefits to polo players:

A DJ performance not only entertains the audience but also helps polo players relax and enjoy themselves. It helps them feel connected to the audience and overall motivates and encourages the players.



  Great exposure for brands:
Brands may garner more attention by introducing such in-game events.

Because the majority of the audience during Polo matches are seasoned polo fans, in-game events such as DJs serve to attract new polo fans, therefore promoting not only the game but also the companies and DJs. As a result, everyone benefits, including the players and the viewers.

Since polo audiences are more into luxury, it is a perfect venue for visibility and contact with the public, especially for premium companies.


Specifically talking about DJs’ performances, helps to promote the music albums and know the responses of the audience. Nowadays DJ performances have become a common tool to engage with the audience and interact with them.

In a nutshell, it fosters favourable brand affinity, increases brand recognition, and exposes new audiences to the company.

There is still much to be done. In-game events have yet to gain traction on a significant scale. Only a handful of such occasions have occurred.

In-game activities may be a go-to option for brands, and we can expect to see more of these arranged during polo matches in the future, as well as other types of events such as musical events, dancing events, brand exhibitions, and other creative and engaging events.

 It is important to understand the audiences and their interests before planning such events. The goal and purpose for such events should be obvious, and it should be a win-win situation for all involved parties.


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