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5 Most Expensive Watches in the World

These are some of the most opulent pieces of timekeeping that are surely worth their lofty price tag.

5 Most Expensive Watches in the World
5 Most Expensive Watches in the World
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Watchmaking is one of the most decorated and established crafts in the world. These watches are not just opulent but are prized for posterity.  


1. Graff Diamonds Hallucination: $55 million

the graff

Image Credit: Superwatchman

This is a technicolour wonderland with 110 carats of multi-hued diamonds cut in varied sizes and shapes, giving it a distinct look. The platinum bracelet upon which these diamonds are embedded has a tiny dial in the middle with the beauty lying in its strap. The extremely hefty price tag was first displayed at Baselworld in 2014. It has since gained a reputation due to its eye-catching beauty, intricately crafted with thousands of hours in production. 


2. Graff Diamonds The Fascination - $40 million


Image Credits: Tatler Asia

Another masterpiece by Graff Diamonds, this beauty has a delicate design which looks splendid on a woman’s dainty wrist. Its centre is laden with a 38-carat pear-shaped diamond that replaces the dial, which can be detached and worn separately as a ring. This is surely a generational piece, adorned with 153 carats of white diamonds. Priced at a whopping 40 million dollars, it transcends from being just a watch to a decadent luxury item.  

3. Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime - $31 million


Image Credits: Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is synonymous with luxury, class and expertise, and this piece embodies all these traits as it is the brand’s most complicated watch ever created. Taking more than 1,00,000 hours to design and execute, it is hard to keep your eyes off its dial. It has a minimalistic design for people who want to invest in quality, as it has 20 more features than just timekeeping, out of which six are now patented. Besides, this is made with blue opaline dials, gold-applied numbers, and 18k gold dial plates with a strap of blue alligator leather. 


4. Jaeger-LeCoultre Joaillerie 101 Manchette - $26 million

Image Credits: The Jewellery Editor

Amalgamating both timekeeping and fine jewellery, this piece by Jaeger-LeCoultre Joaillerie, a Swiss master watchmaker, is fascinating and breathtaking. It has the world’s smallest mechanical engine. Being of such stature, it was worn by Queen Elizabeth II during the celebration of her 60 years since succession to the British throne. Using white gold encased with diamonds, which comes together to form a cuff bracelet, is a regal galore.

5. Jacob & Co. Billionaire Watch - $18 million

Image Credits: Jacob & Co.

This work of art was launched in 2015 and features 189 carats of exquisite Ashoka diamonds. These diamonds are not its only best element, as their immaculate dial is also a testimony to the brilliance of the watchmaker.  



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