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Argentina All Stars Polo Team Tour Of India

The day started with heat rising and the temperature shifting Low to high. Crowd is hanging towards the stands and players riding their horses to find out the real strength. All happened in the Exhibition match happened between INDIA V/S ARGENTINA

1st January 2019 | Jodhpur

Argentina All Stars Polo Team Tour Of India
The exhibition match of Argentina tour of India underway with cheerful noises and crowd was uplifted with great gestation to watch the incredible match. The Indian team will go head to head battle against the away team flown from Argentina to play the exhibition match for Argentina tour of India. Both teams gazed with invigorating passion and brawny stamina.

Here are the team squad for both teams-
Mr. Simran Singh Shergil +6 Mr. Eduardo Novillo Astrada +8
Mr. Dhruvpal Godara +5 Mr. Joaquin Pittaluga +8
Mr. Samir Suhag +5 Mr. Ignacio Arbelbide +3
Mr. Abhimanyu Pathak +5 Mr. Cruz Ceferno Novillo Astrada +3

Here the first chukker begins with India, at his home soil, controls the ball with affiliative confidence. Out of nowhere, Dhruvpal Godara, India’s finest, avenging towards the goal but not able to capitalize the situation. India team pressuring the Argentina team and Simran Singh Shergil using his defensive skills very nicely to clear out the danger which is attacked by the Argentinians teams’ players. India is playing with no pressure and answering to Argentina team, the real class of Indian Polo. Out of nowhere, Argentina takes the lead from India with a simple tap in by the player, Ignacio Arbelbide. Again, Argentina scores a beautiful goal converted by the player, Eduardo Novillo Astrada. Here ends the first Chukker and the scoreboard is Argentina-2 and India-1. India got a point advantage in this exhibition game.

The 2nd chukker underway with India looking for the equaliser. A spot hit is favoured to Argentina and they strike towards the middle ground. Out of nowhere, Astrada, Argentinians players, scores an incredible goal and here they take the lead with one more goal. Out of nowhere, Astrada again avenging towards the goals and he scores an amazing goal for Argentina. The scoreboard is Argentina-4 and India-1. Out of a sudden, India got a 60-yard penalty but Dhruvpal Godara isn’t able to strike it well towards the goal. Out of nowhere, India got an open penalty and Dhruvpal Godara converts it beautifully. The score is now India-2 and Argentina-4. Out of nowhere, Dhruvpal providing a beautiful assist to Abhimanyu who strikes the backhand and he scores a beautiful goal. Again, Dhruvpal Godara like a warrior dribbling player fabulously and he scores an Equaliser for India and the home crowd goes fanatic. Hearing that, Ignacio in confidence and anger in his eyes scores a beautiful goal for Argentina and the Argentina crowd shouting loudly ‘VAMOS ARGENTINA’. Here ends the 2nd chukker and the score is Argentina-5 and India-4.

The 3rd chukker undergoes, India with confidence looking up to score more goals than Argentina and Indian team in control of the ball in the beginnings of the chukker. Dhruvpal Godara is playing very well in this exhibition match and answering the opponent that why he is called the India’s Finest. Out of a sudden, Simran Singh Shergil providing a beautiful assists and Abhimanyu scores a beautiful equaliser for India. The crowd loved his strike. Out of nowhere, Dhruvpal Godara battling with Astrada and wins the battle and scores a beautiful goal for India out of a sudden and Crowd goes fanatic. Again, Dhruvpal taking the ball in front and Abhimanyu scores an amazing goal for India. Here the 3rd chukker ends with the results, India-7 and Argentina-5.

The 4th chukker starts with India looking steady and fast. In the beginning of the chukker, Dhruvpal Godara in control of the ball. A foul is committed by Indian team and Argentina is favoured with 40-yard penalty. Argentina converts the penalty beautifully. The scoreboard is now India -7 and Argentina-6. Again, Argentina is favoured with 60yard penalty and Astrada looking up to the goal post and eyeing on an equaliser for Argentina. With no pressure, he strikes it well but Abhimanyu Pathak defending the ball very well. Again, Dhruvpal Godara avenging towards the goal like a warrior and he scores a magnificent goal for India. The crowd is applauding for his strike, even Argentinian crowd is having fun for this unprecedented Exhibition match. The scoreboard is now India-8 and Argentina-6. Out of nowhere, Argentina scores a goal and here ends the 4th chukker with the result, Argentina-7 and India leading with 1 goal and the score is 8.

The 5th chukker underway with Argentina team controlling the game in the beginnings of the chukker. A chance has given to Argentina team for an equaliser and the 8th goal man, Astrada converts its beautiful and getting the equaliser for the Argentina team. Out of a sudden, Argentina team player, Ignacio, out of nowhere scores a thunderous strike towards the goal and snatching the lead from Indian Team. The scoreboard is India-8 and Argentina-9. Out of nowhere, Simran Singh shergil taking the ball towards the enemy goal and he scores an equaliser for India. Answering the Indian team back, Ignacio scores an important goal for Argentina and again snatching the lead from India. Here ends the 5th chukker and the results are Argentina-10 and India-9.

The 6th chukker starts with both the teams looking up for the victory. The 6th and the Final chukker undergoes with Argentina team controlling the ball. Out of nowhere, Argentina scores one more goal for Argentina. Again, Argentina 8th goal player scores an important for goal Argentina and the scoreboard is now is Argentina-12 and India-9. Argentina is looking comfortable to win this exhibition match but out of nowhere, Abhimanyu Pathak scores an important goal for India for a comeback. Starting from the half, Simran Singh Shergil is injured very badly in a sudden moment but he is fit and fine to complete the game. People are clapping for his passion for polo. Out of a sudden, Argentina again scoring the goal. Here ends the chukker with total scoreboard result, Argentina-13 and India-10. Big hands to both the teams for their outstanding performance.

Congratulation to Argentina for victory over India.



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