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Autumnal Special: Bespoke Interiors

With the cozy fall foliage around the corner, here’s how to spice up your space! LA POLO explores bespoke furniture that’s tailored to your needs and aspirations.


Autumnal Special: Bespoke Interiors

The interior of your house should have a piece of you in every corner. It should reflect your own unique personality as much as possible. Unfortunately, that is hard to achieve with collective furniture pieces that are mass produced and can be owned by anyone. Bespoke furniture is the solution. Having custom made pieces of furniture, carved with angles and intricate details with only your needs in mind, is a form of absolute luxury. Let’s deep dive into a few brands that can help you achieve the home  interiors of your dream. 

The Works Interiors

The Delhi-based interior design business, The Works Interiors aspires to “create beautiful bespoke  furniture pieces that add to the client’s larger narrative and potentially become heirloom pieces,” says the Creative Director of the studio, Devika Khosla.

With over 25 years of experience in interior design, Devika has time and again mentioned the luxury of owning bespoke furniture. “Customizing furniture to one’s needs and desires by adept craftsmen is indeed a luxury. Not only does the furniture last decades, but it also holds a sentimental value due to personalisation.” According to Devika, when it comes to bespoke furniture, “One doesn’t have to settle until they are satisfied.”

TWI is a pioneer of visionary design, with the mission to create tailor-made timeless pieces that capture the essence and needs of the clients, are environmentally sound and sustainable, and elevate the lifestyle of the users. 


Built for a family of avid scuba drivers, and inspired by the waves and surfboards, the console is a symbol of the ups and downs of life and a tangible reminder of the mighty ocean. 

VO Living

Looking for unique furniture that screams ‘YOU’, but don’t know what you want? 

VO Living has you covered. An up-and-coming and speedily progressing design studio, with a flagship showroom at Jangpura, New Delhi, VO Living brings to you a one-of-a-kind retail experience, with hand-picked and curated pieces that are bespoke as well as eclectic in nature. The Director, Priyanka Singh, has business in her brains and carries design in her heart. “Bespoke goods draw attention to detail and define the individual’s requirements and personal style. Its exclusiveness makes it unique and valuable,” says Priyanka.

VO Living believes in nature-inspired designs, with natural elements like raw wood, sustainable fabrics like linen and ecru colours. It aims to bring to you historically inspired pieces that are elegant, eco-friendly, durable, comfortable and yet ultimately luxurious. “Sustainability is the future!”

MUST CHECK OUT: The Wing Chair

An amalgamation of comfort and style, The Wing Chair has armrests and a strong back support and  promises hygge and class. That is why it is a classic.


Founded in 2013 by the husband-wife duo Anupriya Sahu and Dhwanit Parmar, Alankaram focuses on creating furniture that fuses traditional elegance with up-to-the-minute fascinations to give the client the best of both worlds. “Our designs merge handmade solid wood furniture with a touch of Indian-ness,” explains Sahu. “Made from high-quality materials like teak, our bespoke furniture can give any luxury good a run for their money,” she adds.

At Alankaram, quality, sustainability, adept craftsmanship, and comfort are given utmost priority to help their clients create a functional and snug place that they keep wanting to go back to.

MUST CHECK OUT: The Kudrat Collection

An Indigo trio set that includes a ‘Cist’ trunk, the ‘Uway’ king-size bed and the ‘Maly’ bedside unit, this collection is an Indigo bliss. Its foundations lie in teak and rattan accents that exude royal vibes.


Last Updated: 16th September 2022