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Celebrating 7 years of La Polo

Holding within one style the purpose of helping polo propagate to every corner of the world, La Polo still firmly works with this belief, completing seven prestigious years of captivating people's attention.

Celebrating 7 years of La Polo

In our seven-year journey, we've navigated various challenges and celebrated the victories of the Polo & Equestrian world. Establishing ourselves as a beacon within the community, these seven years have been filled with immense pride and joy as we’ve documented the most captivating moments in the sport. As pioneers in the field, La Polo has continuously aimed to be at the forefront of the polo arena, capturing the essence of the sport in all its finest moments.

1. Pioneering the Polo Experience

La Polo isn’t just another sports media. It’s a microcosm of the equine community. We’ve pioneered an all-encompassing platform that brought polo to life, fostering community togetherness within the “polo fraternity”. This approach has treated everyone—from seasoned players to budding fans—as part of one large family, focused with a passionate zeal to promote Polo.

2. Weekly Polo Wisdom

La Polo launched India’s first weekly polo Newsletter for those seeking a deeper dive into the Indian polo-equestrian landscape. This insightful publication provides an in-depth analysis of current polo dynamics, keeping readers abreast of global and Indian polo events and the latest trends in the luxury sector, a natural complement to the sport of kings.

3. Leading the Magazine Charge

Our pioneering spirit didn’t stop with Newsletters. We became the first in India to launch an all-encompassing polo-equestrian magazine covering the length and breadth of the sport in the country and internationally. With our sixth edition already in the pipeline, we continue to be a leading voice for the sport.

4. Celebrating Polo's Facets

Recognising the excellence of empowerment of the sport across the broad spectrum of the Indian sporting arena, La Polo established the prestigious Indian Polo Awards. This singular yet stellar salute to the super-heroes of the sport stands as a testament to our commitment to celebrating every aspect of the sport, from players to patrons.


5. Official Partners and Youth Champions

In the past few years, we have been contributing as official media partners of the Indian Polo Association (IPA) and have been instrumental in showcasing the Indian Polo Association Junior and Sub Junior Tournaments, nurturing the sport’s future generation in the country. 


6. A Global Stage for Polo

Image Credit: South African Polo Association

La Polo’s passionate devotion to the sport transcends boundaries. We have been present on the international stage, covering the prestigious World Cup held in South Africa in 2022, among others, solidifying our presence not only in the Indian polo scene but on the global field as well. 

7. Preserving Polo’s Legacy

La Polo understands that polo is more than just a sport; it’s a rich tapestry of history, culture and tradition curled into a simple yet sophisticated sport. With on-the-spot action pictures and insightful writing, we capture the rigour of the sport, as well as equestrian facets that might otherwise be lost to time—preserving it for posterity!
We have been the sole custodians of the sport’s memories, ensuring every bit of it is cherished and celebrated truly.


For seven years now, we’ve been a driving force, and we remain committed to our purpose, to encourage the sport in all its forms, preserving memories and celebrating achievements.


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