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Exhibition Matches, Mumbai Polo Season

The Exhibition Matches in The Mumbai Polo Season were short bursts of exciting chukkers, each adding a new zing to the season.


Exhibition Matches, Mumbai Polo Season

Carysil Cup

Carysil Polo Vs Sternhagen Polo

Date- 13 January 2023

Polo matches are enthralling, especially when the best of performances are brought to the field. There were no disappointments when the teams of Carysil Polo ( consisting of members Chirag Parekh, Kuldeep Singh Rathore, H.H. Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh Singh of Jaipur, and Manuel Fernandez Llorente) and Sternhagen Polo (Riyadh Kundanmal, Chris Mackenzie, Abhimanyu Pathak and Dhruv Pal Godara) fought in the Carysil Cup. In the first chukker, both teams did not score any goals. In the second chukker, Chirag Parekh of Carysil Polo gave the team an edge with two goals while Sternhagen scored one. The third chukker saw one goal by each team. In the fourth chukker, Carysil scored two goals against one goal by Sternhagen. Carysil won the match with a total of five goals against three goals by Sternhagen.


Turf Games International Polo Cup

LA Martina India Vs Rest of the World

Date- 08 January 2023

It would be an understatement to say that both teams were prepared fro battle; for it was one of  those matches where both teams were equally competing and thriving. LA Martina India’s team included players Sunny Patel, Vicky Nihalani, Kuldeep Singh Rathore, and Abhimanyu Pathak. Rest of the World consisted of players Casper West, Nicolas Scortichini, Gonzalo Yonzan and Manolo Fernandes Llorente .The first chukker saw one goal by the Rest of the World. In the second chukker, LA Martina India scored three goals against one goal by Rest of the World. The third chukker saw two goals each by the teams. In the fourth chukker, Rest of the World scored one goal. The match ended with a tie.


The Arty Cup Polo 2023

Artillery team Vs Arc Team

Date- 13 January 2023

The match between the Artillery team and ARC team was interesting and thrilling. The Artillery team was built with strong players including Kuldeep Singh, Hav. Irfan Khan, Gnr Ajith Bhai and Lt Col Asish Samantaray. Similarly, the competent Arc team consisted of players Neil Malaney, Zeeshan Merchant, Gulrez Qureshi and Vishu Bajaj. In the first chukker, both the teams scored one goal each. From the second chukker onwards, the Artillery team got an edge over Arc and went on a spree by scoring three goals in the third chukker and one goal in the fourth chukker. The Artillery team had a clear victory with five goals against the one goal scored by the  Arc Team.



Aspen Valley Polo Club- A Host To The World Polo League’s Triple Crown

Tseleevo Winter Open Snow Polo Cup 2016