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Kurosh Wrestling on Horseback

The popular folk game introduces visitors to Kyrgyz culture as well

Kurosh Wrestling on Horseback
Kurosh, a horse sport that involves wrestling on the horseback
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Sports in Kyrgyzstan are something beyond amusement, they are training for life. To live in the ragged mountain steppes, people need to be tough and clever, and sports helped them gain these vital qualities and aptitudes. Horses, alongside chasing hounds, were fundamental. Even today, most of the provincial populace follows a semi-nomadic lifestyle. Nearly everybody can ride a horse, and an assortment of horse games is played to showcase expertise and alertness.

Wrestling too became an important segment of conventional culture, and still has impact today.


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Kyrgyz Kurosh, an antiquated wrestling, is mainstream even today. Competitors wear white trousers, leaving chest uncovered. They stand confronting each other in a tangle and hold each other's belts with two hands. The individual who can toss their rival on the shoulder wins.




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It is additionally played in other formations, on horses, in the national games celebrations, where it is called “Kurosh – wrestling on horses”. Riders ought to get the other rider down the pony by pushing and seizing, being bare-chested on the horseback; the more vulnerable contender frequently sticks urgently to the horse's head as viewers are eager watching and expecting him hitting the dirt.



These folk games were planned as a celebration for travellers, but now they are celebrated to promote and introduce the Kyrgyz culture to global audience as well.


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