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Low-Impact Exercises

Those looking for a sustainable and mindful approach to fitness may opt for low-impact exercise. We curate some exercises and their benefits.

Low-Impact Exercises

In the hustle-bustle of our busy lives, fitness takes a backseat, and the quest for fitness brings us to high-intensity workouts and rigorous training. However, there exists an equally effective path to well-being, through low-impact workouts. Low-impact exercises are a gentle and sustainable approach towards mind-body-soul fitness.


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Swimming is a full-body workout that puts zero stress on joints. 


  • It elevates heart rate and promotes efficient circulation to improve cardiovascular fitness. It helps build muscle strength, stamina, and body strength.
  • Buoyancy in water reduces body stress, and the resistance in water enhances muscle strength. A variety of strokes promotes flexibility.
  • Swimming burns calories and helps manage weight, contributing to a healthy body posture. 


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Whether you are going for stationary cycling or outdoors, cycling is a gentle workout for the joints and leg strength. It’s an ideal option for an upper-body workout without high-impact stress. 


  • Cycling enhances cardiovascular fitness, decreases heart disease risk, and improves heart health. 
  • Pedalling promotes joint mobility and flexibility and enhances motion in areas such as hips, knees and ankles, contributing to joint health. 
  • Outdoors or even stationary cycling is a meditative activity that reduces stress levels, promotes mental relaxation and improves mood. 


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Yoga is not only associated with physical well-being but also promotes relaxation. It focuses on breathing. Yoga can be opted at various fitness levels and is suitable for all age-groups. 


  • It has a variety of poses that stretch and lengthen the muscle. It enhances the range of motion, reduces stiffness and helps prevent injury.
  • The mindful breathing techniques in yoga help to reduce stress
  • Yoga reduces strain in the spine, eases back and neck pain, and improves overall body posture. 


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If you are looking for a high-calorie burn exercise from an outdoor activity, grab a pair of skates and get in line for skating. The motion while practising skating stimulates the muscles, joints and your lower back. 


  • Skating helps you work on glutes, hip abductors and inner thighs. This sport is both effective and fun to practice. 
  • As you know, Skating is a calorie-burning activity that supports a healthy body weight and controls body fat percentage. 
  • Skating needs balance and coordination to maintain stability, which contributes in enhancing motor skills, balance and overall coordination. 


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Waking is also a simple yet effective workout it helps you boost your mood and enhances overall endurance. Walking can be customised at different workout levels and is easily accessible. It offers a wide range of health benefits. 


  • Walking is good for heart pumping and improving cardiovascular health. It helps maintain healthy blood pressure. 
  • Regular walking burns calories and helps in reducing weight. 
  • The gentle nature of walking promotes flexibility, reduces the risk of arthritis, and reduces joint pain. 

NOTE: Adding brisk walking into your daily routine as a part of your workout is a simple yet powerful way to improve your body's well-being and overall health. 

Low-impact exercises can prove effective with gentleness and mindful techniques. From rhythmic strokes of swimming to pliable yoga, from pedalling the cycles to the serene stability of skating and the tender steps of walking, all low-impact activities provide a balanced approach to fitness. 

The benefits are profound and beyond the physical approach. Low-impact exercise strengthens the body and nurtures the mind and spirit. So, let's start the journey of simple walking, tranquil yoga and activities like skating and cycling to make you feel like a kid again. Let's embrace the wisdom of low-level exercises and savour their rewards.