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Luxury Watchmakers on a Nostalgia Trip

La Polo puts the spotlight on to top-end watches that have made a recent comeback


Luxury Watchmakers on a Nostalgia Trip
TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300 Night Diver

In the mid-1980s, the avant-garde Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer launched the first-of-its-kind Night Diver which became an instant favourite among connoisseurs. The latest TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300 Night Diver has six signature features of the 43 mm TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300 trademark (such as the unidirectional dial, screw-down crown and bright markings). It has water-resistance attributes, straps that are customized to the wearer's requirement and diamond-like-carbon coating for extreme conditions. The fitting process begins at the TAG Heuer boutique or any authorized dealership where the watch straps are adapted to the wetsuit or adjusted to any changes in ambient conditions that make the wrist expand or contract. Further to ensure clarity in low-light conditions, the minute hands are filled with iridescent blue lume to contrast the Super LumiNova green lume of the dial.

                 IWC Schaffhausen’s Pilot’s Watches

Over 85 years ago, the Swiss-made IWC Schaffhausen launched the first Pilot’s Watches collection under their military program. This150-year-old brand has partnered with the US Navy and Marine Corps for the latest addition. Named the “Royal Maces”, “Tophatters” and “Blue Angels”, after their respective US Navy and Marine Corps Squadrons, are the three launches of the Pilot’s Watches Chronographic Edition. 

 The Royal Maces and Tophatters are covered with a black zirconium oxide ceramic case. Additionally, all three 44.5 mm-diameter watches contain ceratanium covering on the crowns and grade 5 titanium on the back of the case. Ceratanium is an IWC signature material which is light and robust, but has high-scratch resilience. As a nod to the Royal Maces squadron, the seconds dial and the stitching on the Royal Maces strap are in yellow while the 6 o’clock dial has the “Maces” patch. As an ode to the Tophatters, the classic top-hat patch is engraved on the 6 o’clock dial along with red detailing on the black calfskin straps and the seconds’ dial. In honor of the Blue Angels squadron, the watch is covered with blue ceramic and the US Navy Wings sigil is encrusted on the 6 o’clock dial.

Hublot and Berluti’s Big Bang Unico Berluti Aluminio

The bespoke French menswear and leather producer Berluti joined hands with Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot five years ago under the aptly titled project, “Big Bang Unico”. This project is an exquisite amalgamation of leather and titanium under deluxe aesthetic watchmaking. Combining the Berluti signature Venezia leather into a 1 mm thick bezel on top of a 1 mm thick grey titanium bezel delicately placed with sapphire glass, this 44-mm watch is a masterpiece. With 40 years of research and development, Hublot combines this movement with an array of materials: resin for the central horn, tungsten for the oscillating weight and a satin-finished rhodium for hands. One of the beautiful elements in the 100-piece limited edition Big Bang Unico Berluti Aluminio is the visible Unico movement, a self-winding Flyback chronograph that has three full days of power reserve, due to the sapphire glass. Each Big Bang Unico Berluti Aluminio will be sold with a travel pouch and a Berluti logo shoehorn keyring.

Jaeger-LeCoultre, Reverso Tribute Minute Repeater

Swiss watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre combines their distinct 90-year-old Reverso watch and the world’s first minute repeater in the limited edition Reverso Tribute Minute Repeater. In the ‘90s the Reverso was considered state-of-the-art technology as the traditional round movements require different geometric precision compared to this rectangular piece. This 51.1x 31 mm wristwatch is a product of the Art-Deco style renaissance of the ‘90s mechanical watchmaking and the aesthetic redesign of the Jaeger-LeCoultre signature wristwatches. The watch has a sleek slider and case embalmed in rose gold. This edition of 10 pieces exemplifies the artistry of horology and majestic craftsmanship.




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