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Mid-Tournament Fiery Exhibitions

During the season that had everyone on the edge of their seats as Indian Polo finally returned, the feverish exhibition matches were just as much worth the wait as the tournaments. Here’s a peak through the season.


Mid-Tournament Fiery Exhibitions

13th August | Indri Polo Cup 

Under the glistening Bangalore sky was a one of a kind outstanding Arena Polo match to kick start the exhibition special. Playing this match were two teams named Team Chennai and Team Bangalore. On one end Team Chennai picked up the pace by chukker two away from their home turf and determined to take home this momentous title but Team Bangalore came through with their defence. By the latter half of the match they scored 6 goals continuously however Team Chennai was barely ahead of them taking the victory with 10 goals to 8. 

18th August | ARPA Cup Exhibition 

In honor of ARPA’s contribution to the current season the next exhibition match panned out for this with the local talent of the ASC into two teams: ARPA and The Only One Team. Within the three short chukkers each put their best foot forward and it ended with a close score of 3 to 2 goals in favor of The Only One. 

21st August | Embassy Polo Championship 

Ending the season with a bang the last exhibition match played out on the last day. Two exceptional teams Embassy Raiders and Embassy Chargers took the field with much prowess, a keen eye for the goals and put their best back and forth of chase. In the end, Embassy Raiders took home the trophy with 9-6 goals. 



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